We’ve All Made Mistakes in the Past

10 thoughts on “We’ve All Made Mistakes in the Past”

  1. That must be vegan sausage in a gluten free bun. Next to his ankle there must be also 0% beer.

  2. Must be a recovering vegan…

  3. From now on, I’ll eat sausages and cheese shaped like carrots and onions.

  4. The tattooist misspelled “JACKASS”.

  5. He just couldn`t afford to have the whole thing removed after being dumped by Megan.

  6. Just add “recovering” to the tattoo.

  7. Poor guy. His only mistake was being a vegan.

  8. They’re ain’t no meat in hot dogs, just meat byproducts. And mechanically separated chicken. Mmm, pink slime.

  9. Stupid pics that wasn’t funny

  10. on other side of his arm,it may has ‘i am not a’

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