Even In a Disaster No One Wants the Vegan Food

16 thoughts on “Even In a Disaster No One Wants the Vegan Food”

  1. If I don’t want to eat meat I eat fruit and vegetables.
    Those vegan meat substitutes are disgusting and show they still have a lust for meat. It’s our natural food. Humans can eat almost everything. Like pigs.

  2. Tofu – it’s made out of …..PEOPLE

  3. Why did you assume vegan’s wouldn’t eat meat because they didn’t like the taste of it? You would just have to have read the very first sentence in the wikipedia article on it to know of a much more plausible reason.

  4. +1

    I *love* going to “eco/health food” stores to see the MEAT ALTERNATIVE nonsense…
    …it only confirms that most people – incl. vegetarians/vegans – *want* to eat meat (though I don’t).
    But, ya gotta admit, it’s funny as hell that EVEN IN A CRISIS, peopple don’t want that sh!t!
    (not incl. the tempeh or guacamole in the photo…)

  6. I read that in CHARLESTON HESTON’s VOICE!!!

  7. TO obvious cpt
    Who G.A.S. “why” they don’t?!? Is your b***plug solar-powered battery running low?

  8. Who? You obviously do. Otherwise you wouldn’t wet yourself over the thought that “they” (apparently secretly) “*want*” to eat meat.

  9. Nice try, loser. Your “logic” [sic] doesn’t even pass gas…much less muster.
    p.s. Wikipedia…what a profound knowledge source….

  10. A lot of vegans/vegetarians don’t dislike the taste, they just don’t want to kill, eat animals or lower the rate of pollution/global warming. Don’t know whats so hard to understand about that.


    Any relation to the actor, Charlton?

  12. Every slimy ******* has something bad to say about Wikipedia. It is not surprising to see you on the same side as Turkey and N. Korea where it is banned entirely.

  13. I grew up eating veggie meat and actually enjoy the taste. I love tofu from growing up in Thailand. My husband likes veggie burgers and grew up eating meat. Granted, he cannot stand anything else It doesn’t mean you still have a taste for meat! Don’t be condescending and uninformed. (And before you call ne a stuck up vegan, I noe eat meat because I am lazy and don’t want to cook two meals).

  14. Or the fact that the majority of those items require cooking (something a bit hard to do in a emergency shelter or house with no electricity) as opposed to many refrigerated meats and other things that can be eaten straight from the packet. Anti vegans devoid of logic, no surprise there.

  15. No wonder you americans are so fat

  16. the only vegan thing i ate were chipotle burgers because they were good i guess

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