Chicken For Dinner

The only way vegans can have a chicken for dinner.

7 thoughts on “Chicken For Dinner”

  1. I wouldn’t mind.

  2. PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals

  3. I would love to invite a really fanatic vegan to dinner some day, so i can ask him/her/it how they plan to protest all the animals who only eats other animals. Will they try to shame polarbears in public for only eating fish and seals? Are they triggered that protests signs don’t work on tigers? And how about that fly-eating plant? That last one gotta make their heads explode.

  4. Had to google it, ofcourse the internet is debating it already:

    It’s probably entertaining if you’re bored enough.

  5. That’s what happens to your brain if you don’t get enough animal proteins.

  6. This chicken is as out of place as an orangutan in the white house.

  7. Vegans know other animals eat meat for survival. Most humans don’t. Nenxt idiotic question please.

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