The Daily, Mundane Life of Darth Vader And His Soldiers

Photographers Jorge Pérez Higuera and Pawel Kadysz imagines the mundane, behind-the-scenes life of the Star Wars main villain and his stormtroopers.

11 thoughts on “The Daily, Mundane Life of Darth Vader And His Soldiers”

  1. Wow… someone grasped the concept of contrasts! Congrats.
    Idea for the movie: John Goodman is Ralph and he becomes King of England (sic!). Oh… it’s been done?
    So was this.

  2. Go home Rattus, you’re drunk. You didn’t even spell your name right.

  3. OMG I ran out of arguments so I rant rasist, populist, mysogynistic insults. I’m so sad. Such a loser. I need help.

  4. Darth is disabled and black, and if he claimed he was transitioning to female cis gender heshe could probably apply for a Title IX sports program and get several scholarships and do pretty well. Super powers though would degrade his ranking and that should probably not be mentioned in the college application.

  5. So you are just not as bright as the black kid. Too bad. Get over it.

  6. Impostor! You’re not me!

  7. You are impostors!! I’m the real The Lone Wanderer! Stop faking me. It’s not fair!

  8. And none of these are me. Also, I have seen about fifteen minutes of the first Star Wars movie and none of King Ralph, so I have no opinion on any of this stuff beyond Star Wars is too boring to watch more than the aforementioned fifteen minutes.

  9. @Hein
    Well, Darth was black on the outside and white on the inside. Do you think that will help on college entrance applications?

  10. Worked for Obama.

  11. Even less into trekkie shit than I was before.

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