How Adult Site Warnings Work



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  1. How else are kids gonna learn how to make it in Hollywood?

  2. Rattus-medical February 25, 2018

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  3. Rattus-Dat-Zelda February 25, 2018


  4. I only watch TV. I never go to the Internet for any thing.

  5. I think my flash drive has crabs February 26, 2018

    The problem with pron sites is you need a digital prophylactic as you arn’t getting out of their with out a digital infection.

  6. Who needs to get into an adult site? Google with safe search off will show you basically anything you type in.

  7. The 18+ warning is not about keeping kids out. It’s about covering their asses legally. A minor could browse porn, their parents could then catch them, the minor invents a bullshit story making it the sites fault, and the parents threaten to sue. As long as there is SOME kind of warning in place, the site does not have responsibility.

    Kind of like “beware of dog” signs. They were put up so that trespassers would stop suing when the dog defended his pack’s territory.

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