If U.S. Tourism Slogans Told the Truth…



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  1. Italiano Medio September 17, 2015

    That was funny, we need one with the major European capitals now

  2. @horrrz
    No they will come anyways. Better to drop them off in Saudi Arabia.

  3. Copenhagen : Come for the wellfare. Leave because people spit on you. Soldier hand you potato. Is trick. Actually is handgrenade :( Still no potato.

  4. Italiano Medio September 19, 2015

    LOL @ potato jokes

  5. Come to South Arkansas–Stay because someone kidnapped your child.

  6. Idaho: Come for vacation, stay for probation! (Police are unionized in Boise)

  7. Come to New York. Leave because you can’t afford to even breathe the air!

  8. Go to America, stay because Denmark sux ass and you dont want to go back!

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