Hilarious Reactions To 2018 Midterm Elections

As you can see below, people all across the United States have mixed feelings about midterm elections. Politics is always a heated topic, but hopefully no matter our views, we can all enjoy these funny reactions.

Grab them by the midterms!

Moms encouraging you to vote.

Look what happened the last time you did not vote.

Me voting: 2016 vs. 2018.

Me watching US go to the polls.

Know your parasites!

I've had it!

Zero babies output after 9 months.

I predict that no matter what happens on Tuesday and Wednesday, 35% of the people will be ecstatic, 35% of the people will be angry, and 30% of the people will be keeping up with the Kardashians.

Me going to the polls 2016 vs. 2018.

Waiting for election results is like...

For the love of me, please vote!

Congrats to Republicans.

Voting is more effective than arguing on the internet about politics.

Me voting: 2016 vs. 2018.

Brace yourselves...

I hate Trump more than I hate crowds.

Voting: 2016 vs. 2018.

Me voting: 2016 vs. 2018.

Trump: just undo it.

28 thoughts on “Hilarious Reactions To 2018 Midterm Elections”

  1. I live far away from US but can’t help to be involved, even if only as a spectator.
    USA is going down the drain faster and faster then ever before. Narcissism and grossly inflated ego is of epidemic proportions. A collection of self obsessed, hysterical kids of adult age having uncontrolled tantrums. Everybody seams to be a celebrity demanding to have the rest yielding to her demands. More inclined to destroy the nation then allowing the democratic process to take place. There is a whole world outside the US where people vote and accept results. That’s the nature of democracies.
    R.I.P. USA

  2. Your first sentence explains everything.

  3. American political circus starts into a new season of lunacy.

  4. Just know that no matter the outcome, if you start going against the current “ruler” in any and all ways you can, you’re no worse or better than the enemy you fight. Trying to find a middle ground is something that’s lost to most on this matter.

  5. You support Trump? *snort* No wonder you don’t understand capitalization.

  6. Usually, yes. Not this time. The GOP has degenerated into something that would have quite rightfully horrified the conservatives of 25 years ago, and horrify all decent people today.

  7. Trump is a cancer that has infected many parts of the world. Sometimes it needs an immune reaction of democracy to stop growth or to get rid of the tumor.

  8. Saddest part of this comment is the fact that you have a better grasp of what’s happening in my country than 90% of the people living here….60 yrs old and seriously considering seeking Canadian citizenship.

  9. The Democrats took the house. Now watch, it will make absolutely NO difference. They are the same. It’s all the same when you’ve degraded into a corrupt two party system, which the Republic was never supposed to be.

  10. America chose. Corrupt racists against corrupt liberals. Seems racists are still not favourable.

  11. Ten years ago the Democrats controlled both Houses and the White House, and it still made absolutely no difference.

  12. Corrupt conservative racists against corrupt liberal racists. Fixed that for you.

  13. True. I make and keep more of my money but that’s due to a job change and job location change. Neither party would have done anything nearly as significant to my gross or net pay. Pennies vs much, much more.

  14. Seriously? How many Prime ministers have you had recently? Glass houses my friend.

  15. Stagnation back then. But now. Downwards is also a direction. That’s true, BigR. Trumpists celebrating the downfall of America under Trump. If you rotate the chart about 180 degrees the trend goes upwards. You may be moving in the wrong direction though.

  16. Ya, and how many of them were stark raving madmen?

  17. Fake

  18. In a democracy you have the leaders you deserve.

  19. True if majority vote is how presidents got elected in the USA. Hillary got 3mil+ more votes then Trump. If this was a true democracy then Hillary would have won. America has never been rule by majority for both the good and bad. The electorial process was a direct result of the south trying to un balance the scales after slavery ended. According to the vote tally we should have had Hillary so we “deserved” Hillary according to the logic you stated.

  20. Where was the blue wave, you liberal pukes? Old toothless hippies, angry breast flopping feminists, snarling wolves and The Hulk..you’re hilarious with this melodramatic tripe! XD

  21. Typical yanks, always complaining. Wait till you have the incompetent fools we have in government in Australia. Aussies are wishing we had Trump as our prime minister. You could have done much worse and elected Hilary.

  22. You couldn’t even fix a flat bicyle tire.

  23. Are you drunk again? Didn’t Mom told you not to post while drunk?

  24. American voting system and calling it democracy is always good for laughing stock on an international level of democracy. The US is a fake, like their president. The land should go back to Britain. They’ll need it soon.

  25. We took back the House. Pretend there was no wave all you want.

  26. THANK YOU! Your final sentence should read: Brought To You SOLELY By 8 Years of Fawning, UNCRITICAL DEIFICATION Propaganda Under FroBama “The Man from Kenya”. God bless President Trump – with 99% NEGATIVE 24/7 coverage and those very same Permanent Adolescents screaming in the streets – who’s doing his absolute best alone to right this Titanic ship of state.

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