The Movie Was Right: We Really Live In Idiocracy


The movie was right all along.


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  1. Ruff Tuff Creampuff January 7, 2021

    It does sound familiar: Emperor Zero fiddling on his phone while the Capitol burns.

    • Emporer Zero? Joe Biden wasn’t there. And he doesn’t fiddle with phones, prepubescent little girls for sure, but he doesn’t even know how to use a cell phone. It doesn’t have a rotary dial.

  2. President Camacho Rushmore January 7, 2021

    Sorry but President Camacho could not get so far in the Capitol. He is black .

    But …Beef Supreme, have the same complexion and background, and it’s also a showman.

    I’m going for Beef Supreme.

  3. Crooked Trump January 7, 2021

    I will pardon them all. Patriots. I love them.

  4. Idiocracy.... and even worse. January 7, 2021

    The folks in idiocracy were actually smarter than today…..

    In the movie, they made fun of smart people. It’s a lot like the anti-intellectualism today. Today we also have a lot of pseudo-intellectualism because people think they are smart after watching fake news or youTube, BUT either way, people think the experts are not worth listening too.

    In the movie, they were all pretty stupid, but at least when a smart person came along, they listened to him. He advised the president, and eventually became the president. Now days we’ve had over a quarter of a million people die from Covid, and people still hate Fauci and treat this whole thing like a hoax.

    • Dunning-Kruger-Effect. This crisis is also a crisis in education. And I’m talking on an international level here.

  5. SillyKiwiMan January 7, 2021

    Mostly just America.

    The UK, and some of the more backwards countries like Poland and Hungary are trying to keep up, but America has the handle on wilful stupidity.

    The tragedy is that there are so many good, decent people in America, but their society as a whole is absolutely screwed

  6. That guy with the funny hat with fur and horns in the photos…. He’s Jake Angeli, a familiar face at pro-Trump rallies and a purported QAnon conspiracy theorist sometimes referred to as the “QAnon Shaman,”

  7. SillyKiwiMan January 9, 2021

    America, you’re not the only country with stupid people.

    You just do stupidity better than the rest of the world.

    • Stupidity Unleashed – Now in Cinemas

    • Stupid enough to disarm and allow their Government to commit tyranny on a daily bases until they lose their Liberty. Allow themselves to be replaced entirely by the third world so big cooperations can get cheap labor. Voluntarily cheat their own children and grandchildren out of their birth right leaving them as minorities in their own countries. No, that level of stupidity is reserved for the most cowardly of people.

    • Bravely spoken by a descendant of immigrants and former importers of cheap labor, in defense of a failed attempt by the potus to steal the elections.

    • Only criminals and religious fanatics were sent to the American colonies. The scum of Europe. That’s what you get if you let them procreate. Trump’s Scumerica.

  8. So the “scum of Europe” kicked England and France to the the curb, ended slavery, then quickly became the richest most powerful country in the history of the world. Is that about it? Great story Bro.

    • Thank you for ending slavery. Never mind that it was already abolished in France and England.

    • Hahaha, fail. Well done, second Anonymous. They really think Americans invented everything and brought freedom to the world for the first time.

  9. Well… we’ll have the this conversation again in 10 to 15 years and see where Europe is. A caliphate is my guess based on your demographics. But who knows.. (we know, it’s part of a caliphate but don’t tell them!).

    • The US is closer to being a part of Latin America than Europe is to being a caliphate.

  10. Yes, but Latin-Americans are mostly Christians. Shared values. We’ll be just fine.

    • Your problem is that Europes muslims are a real minority. Far, far away from being a caliphate. US are already a christian Iran.

  11. The Silicon Valley oligarchs Hate christianity. The Left hates christianity, hollywood, the cultural and even 90% of the media hates christianity. Hardly a christian Iran. Latin and South Americas maybe..

    • Your VP can not even write a letter to madam speaker without mentioning the bible and god.

  12. The biggest enemy of mankind is Globalism

  13. LibtardsAreEverywhere September 4, 2021

    The movie was so right that idiot liberals keep meming about it without realizing that it was about them all along.

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