French Artist Fixes Ugly Graffiti To Make It Readable


Nobody hates ugly tagging more than French artist Mathieu Tremblin so he decided that something has to be done and started to paint over unreadable graffiti to make it legible.


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  1. What a ****. Reminds me of that spanish lady who uglyfied a sweet Jesus painting.

  2. E.A. Presley July 29, 2016

    Now, that’s respectable. Clear and easy to read. Take note, kids.

  3. The Logical Psycho July 31, 2016

    So it means i was doing it the wrong way all this time?

  4. I don’t get it. What’s the deal with “tags”, anyway? Are they supposed to be readable? Most of them just look like chicken scratch to me. What’s the point?

    • The Logical Psycho August 4, 2016

      A point is a conical or flat extrude in a surface that is preferably sharp and may be produced by bending the object, folding it, rolling it or, in major cases, cutting and/or grinding it.
      Common usage: OMG that highly strange -metal sheet in the middle of my bedroom has a sharp extruded POINT in it and it hurt me!
      Point may also refer to a direction.
      Common usage: He is using his index finger of his right hand to POINT at a direction which was therefore unknown before he insisted us to follow our gaze toward the direction suggested by him through his hand.

  5. Micheal Vidulich August 30, 2016

    What could possibly that sketch, mean to the “artist”? I’m not against graffiti. Just against stupid graffiti. I don’t see why would you write a stupid name that came into your mind when you were high or in the bath, on every single thing.. If you want to waste time, paint and destroy something, do it in a more artistic way.

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