World’s Ugliest Christmas Sweaters



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  1. That “Hail Santa” thing is a fail. The christmas tree actually originates from Germany. In early days when the tradition came up many people hung their trees from the ceiling too preserve living space as houses where often very small. It’s nothing special.
    The tradition itself is based on old heathen rituals by the celts and germans to sacrifice a conifer at midwinter to the gods to garantee the return of spring. They would cut it, decorate it and throw it off a cliff. Throwing things off cliffs was a common way of sacrifice in some german and celtic regions.

    • Thanks for that Killjoy
      And for your next trick? Human sacrifice

    • how high on amanitas do you have to be to think you need to sacrifice a tree?

    • Swedens Emperor December 22, 2015

      Dude.. mate… what the … i don’t even

    • “A fail”? “A fail” at what?
      What are you imaging that this sweater attempted but failed? Making the turkey stuffing this year? Chatting up hot cousin Tracy? Laying down some sick parkour moves in Grandma’s driveway?
      (Looking again, I think there’s a joke in the sweater that you missed. The “Hail Santa” tree is upside-down. In the way that an upside-down cross would fit with the words “Hail Satan”. The dude’s hand sign and the pentagram on the tree further nail it home. See it?)

    • The old man on the mountain December 22, 2015

      You are sure about this? Were I come from in Germany there is now is no hill, lets stand a cliff around for miles to through a conifer of. The Christmas tree was popularized in Germany but I am not sure about the sacrifice part. Plus it’s a bit of a lame sacrifice. And these days you would be arrested for littering.

    • @Old Man Read again. I wrote “in some regions”. I am sure the old germans were aware of the lack of cliffs in the flat lands of germania and didn’t wander around for weeks in desperate search of a cliff no matter how small it might be. *facepalm*

    • @ Meh Nevertheless an uspide down tree is not special nor a sacrilege. It was quite common in history.

    • Oh, I can confirm. I’m from Kluutjepoep in the Netherlands and we throw stuff off cliffs all the time to save the harvest.

    • Yes, the great cliffs of Holland. Also known as “de dijken”. Amazing place. Famous for cliff diving.

    • @Meh Euro’s so totally missed the point of the joke that he’s gotta be trolling…

    • @Lorney I didn’t miss the point. It’s just a stupid joke. And now you know so much more about christmas trees. Ignorant fools.

  2. i say the one made from the garland is the most original! And, from a couple of them, its obvious that rudolph needs to not party so hard.

  3. PatronasKitty7 December 22, 2015

    “Birthday Boy” *snicker*

  4. Cullengirl2000 December 22, 2015

    wait y r these pepole waering this stuff its very ugly

  5. IdioticCompanion December 22, 2015

    I’m on that weird Impulsive side of the inter-webs again.

  6. Bubba and Joe Bob December 22, 2015

    Yeah, we’re way down on the comments list, but let’s go back to EUro’s submission. Spinning a tale like that cries for citation. Round our parts when we spin a tall tale we usually start off with, “You ain’t gonna believe this, but…” So, what great library did this come from? Citation, citation, citation.

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