Typical Russian Architecture

27 thoughts on “Typical Russian Architecture”

  1. Is there such a thing as a building code or common sence in Russia

  2. Have you ever been in Detroit?

  3. the glasshouse submarine is actually quite brilliant. and the recycling of materials is also impressive

  4. My favorite is the slide on the roof

  5. I also am a fan of the submagreenhouse.

  6. bwoop bwoop. dive dive!

  7. That private, full sized flight simulator ist quite cool.
    Yet these images show us on what level russia is. Most african countries are more developed. One wonders when russians gave up living in caves. Can’t be so long ago.

  8. Is “Russia” the name of a town in Tennessee, Arkansas or Mississippi?

  9. typical ha ha ha

  10. Sometimes I think that the soviets managed to send the first human (and dog) to space, not as a display of incredible technology, but just because it sounded super whacky.

  11. Well to tell you truth, if it weren’t for the Cyrillic I would have guessed Detroit.
    I like the playground idea.

  12. when this farm sinks, Putin won’t save us boop boop

  13. Da! Both places.

  14. Nope

  15. Yup. And I also like the train carriage church, it has a quirky charm. Also the barrier with a gap for somebody to walk under is not entirely a bad idea.

  16. Lol, Russia is a country, not in Amerika, you dont know that? :O Where you from lol?

  17. I proud my country!

  18. Don’t you mean “the slide ‘off’ the roof”…!

  19. @ Isaac: she is probably saying these things look like a redneck made them so must be a town in the those states. It’s supposed to be a joke.

  20. that duct tape..
    “ivan, our house are crumbling”
    “no problem, hold my vodka”

  21. Dont underestimate our glorious soviet duct tape you capitalist pig!

  22. It was nessesary to climb into the most distance *** to make such photos. Very interesting, haw looks like the place, were was born the creator of this masterpiece. Somebody saw the towns around Antalya in Turkey? I travelled by car last summer from Moscow to Venezia, and saw Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia. Can’t say, that a big difference beetwen these countries and Russia. In all countries were are cities like Moscow and Sochy and in all contries were are small vilage.

  23. The sub-greenhouse is awesome. The rest??? Long-term poverty sucks.

  24. Isaac, there is a new invention. It’s called sarcasm.

  25. no. they are idiots on a nation level

  26. Ok…is it me or you really obsessed about how much russia sucks?)

  27. From caves… Do you even hear yourself? So much hate… You’re not even typing, you’re are vomiting your fear and ignorance… German, aren’t ya? Well, live and prosper then. Read good books. Learn how to be a human.


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