TV vs. Reality

14 thoughts on “TV vs. Reality”

  1. That’s so deep, man.

  2. old

  3. Racist Propaganda!

  4. Spy vs Spy

  5. That’s CNN and MSNBC, but not Fox News.

  6. This is not a race, this is a chase!

  7. Dude with the knife’s thumb doesn’t make any sense.

  8. Two left hands?

  9. Back in ’08, Terry McAuliffe (DNC chair) and Ed Rendell (Democratic governor of Pennsylvania at the time) both said Fox News gave the fairest coverage to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

  10. This is what they used to do at a Cindy Sheehan protest, to hide the fact there were more reporters than protesters.

  11. Fox News gave Hillary a “fair” campaign just like Rush Limbaugh did. Remember that? Rush urged all of his listeners who could vote in open primaries to vote for Hillary. Everyone knew that Obama was going to win the Democratic nod so Rush wanted to prolong the campaigns as long as possible so Obama’s campaign would have to spend more time, money and energy on Hillary instead of McCain. Let’s see how “Fair & Balanced” Fox News is going to be in 2016.

  12. Rush Limbaugh isn’t on Fox News, he has his own show. Stop deflecting.

  13. His thumb is fine. You’re just imagining he’s holding the knife differently.

  14. Ah, black & white TV. I remember than.
    Ant this website, it used to be all fields you know; for miles.
    Happy days.

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