Funniest Reactions to Trump Winning TIME’s “Person of the Year” Cover

38 thoughts on “Funniest Reactions to Trump Winning TIME’s “Person of the Year” Cover”

    We won!
    Deal with it.
    >(…talk about sore losers…much less
    “those who can’t accept the results being a threat to our democracy”)
    Your lame attempts at “humor” S*CK.
    SCHADENFREUDE, cupcakes!!!

  2. Regarding Hitler, Stalin, Putin and Trump winning don’t forget to include Obama and Bill Clinton on that list. Twice each.

  3. No, you lost. You may have voted for the winning candidate, but kicking an own goal isn’t winning.

  4. Dear students, this is how Trump supporter’s brain dump looks like. Pretty much just nonsense, meaningless words, and random characters.

  5. FFS why are the anti-Trump people (note how I didn’t write democrats) so adament in making him fail? Don’t they realize they’re just stabbing their own nation in the back, regardless of who leads it?

  6. @Hell Toupee and Neurologist
    Congratulations on adding NOTHING to a discussion. Let’s just namecall, because that’s easy. Especially from behind a firewall. Instead of engaging the opposing party and trying to understand WHY it is they did or didn’t vote a specific way. You just closed the discussion instead of keeping the dialog open. You lost.

  7. Nope… Stupid ideology trumps common sense [pardon the pun]

  8. Fear of being wrong. If Trump succeeds, they were wrong about not voting for him or their ideology could be wrong. It would require self assessment to find out where they went wrong and that’s scary because who knows, maybe they’re just a bad person. They wont know that if they don’t look into themselves and find the root cause of all this anxiety and hatred.

  9. @The Lone Wonderer
    Seriously dude? Because buddy that they were replying to with “HAWHAW SUCK IT LOSERS! UP YOURS!” is opening up a dialogue?
    But sure, I’ll bite. Let’s dialogue. Tell me friend, how exactly is Trump being elected anything but awful?

  10. @The Lone Wonderer – Do you really think that original comment deserved an engaged response? Does it sound to you like that person was up for a discussion. The only name calling was in that original comment.
    Aside from all that, what exactly would be the point of an discussion here? No one posts on comment boards because they’re interested in a discussion. People just want to get their opinion heard and to shout down any opposition. I would estimate that the number of people who changed their opinion after a comment board debate over, say the entire history of the internet, is basically zero.

  11. Also Mahatma Gandhi in 1930, Winston Churchill in 1940 and 1949, U.S. Scientists in 1960, John Pope XXIII in 1962, American women in 1975, etc. (wikipedia).

  12. @The Lone Wonderer – »You just closed the discussion instead of keeping the dialog open.« Please be so kind and enlighten me, and show me where in OP is a dialog. Trust me, if there were even minute traces of open dialogue, I wouldn’t write that in my post. But form OP it’s really, really hard (as you said) »trying to understand WHY it is they did or didn’t vote a specific way«.
    Because I would really, really like to understand, why someone voted for Trump. And have a meaningful, fact-supported dialogue with them.

  13. TO H2pay, Neurotic, foog
    “Elections have consequences.”
    Oh, and don’t forget Shrillary’s “threat to democracy” schtick
    for NOT accepting the outcome of the election.

  14. ANSWER: because *POWER* knows no logic, reason or morals. Those who do NOT care about the rule of law have no need for consistency. Hate is merely another tool to these rabid beings. They are parasites to the United States of America.
    I call it LEFTISM…an ideology based on emotion rather than fact.
    It must be ERADICATED.

  15. Hillary was a flawed candidate to have been defeated by Trump.

  16. @Kauf Buch: Go Kauf some Buch. And educate yourself. Learn, you poor sucker. Learn!
    BTW: electoral votes haven’t even been casted yet. You do know, how the system works, yes? And we all know Trump is president-elect and the fact that he will become POTUS. We do. Even Clinton. It’s time for you to chill down and relax… until you lose your job, your house, your car, and then panic. And of course don’t forget to blame Obama or Clinton or Squirrel the Democrat that lives on a tree down your street.

  17. Hey neurotic, having retired decades ago at a very young age, and having spent half my career in Federal Government in Washington, DC, I’m pretty sure YOU ARE THE IGNORANT TWIT who needs to learn something about reality (and politics)…but, being a rabid Leftist, I don’t expect you ever will.
    Keep those tears of *contempt*! coming, kiddie; you make me laugh so.

  18. @Buchhandlung:
    So let me see… you retired decades ago at a very young age. “Decades ago” would mean at least three, so 30 years. Retiring at a “very young age” would be around 25-35, let’s say 30. So you are at least 60 years old pensioner, who did absolutely nothing for most of his life (I’m talking at least 40 years here). Now that’s a classic Trump demographic.
    And what makes you think I’m a leftist with rabies? Please elaborate. You have the time, no?

  19. Neurotic, you can’t accept your filthy ideology has been thrown to the gutter.
    No matter.
    Try to “identify” me all you want; it is YOUR ilk which is enslaved to Identity Politics.
    We who love America will save our country.
    In spite of parasitic filth like you.
    You can drop dead for all we care.
    You should consider moving to Venezuela or North Korea before you do.

  20. Some food for thought, Mr Nutjob:
    “It’s as though everyone was keeping a vigil by the deathbed of someone who had been shot and was dying. That someone was the GOP. They were hearing the death rattle in the throat and were waiting for the final moment, heads bowed. Some had tears streaming down their cheeks. Some were secretly (or maybe not so secretly) happy, because they felt that the person on the bed had wronged them terribly.
    But all knew it was very near the end.
    And then suddenly the person jumped up.
    Not just jumped up, but started tap dancing and chuckling.
    And the mourners looked back at the bed, and lying there was (and is) another very ill person…and they recognize that person as the shooter.”
    That would be YOU.
    America has REJECTED YOU and your FILTHY ILK.

  21. 8 years of the most ridiculous false news, lies, namecalling etc about Obama perhaps?

  22. @BuchScheiße:
    No need to get upset, kiddo. I live in Europe. In a little country called Switzerland. It’s nice here, fresh air, beautiful summers, magical winters, great economy… you get it… It’s ok. So enjoy your freshly minted regime. Bye.
    And, oh, BTW, I actually am a neurologist if you wondered.

  23. I can’t wait until the Trump voters realize that he’s not going to do anything they want.
    Here’s what you’ll get- tax cuts for the wealthy, and less regulation of big business and finance.
    He won’t build a stupid wall. He’ll stand in front of the fence sections that were built under Obama, and he’ll tell you he did it.
    He won’t deport more people than Obama. Obama deported way more than the last Republican who also was elected to do that.
    He’ll put business loving justices on the supreme court who will continue to give businesses the ability to control politics.
    And when “Obamacare” is “overturned,” many of those who loved Trump will find out that they will once again face the prospect of being cut by their health insurance if they use it, and they will once again not be able to even purchase insurance on the open market if they have any type of pre existing condition.
    People who aren’t in the US seem to think that we were only voting on whether the government would get to discriminate against religious and racial minorities, or that we were just voting on whether to reject Muslim refugees.
    The rest of the developed world has some kind of universal health coverage, and the US has reached its lowest uninsured point in its history.
    Trump’s Republican party has one idea for healthcare- sell across state lines. It used to be similar with credit cards. But now that credit cards are “sold across state lines”, one state- Delaware, is home to most of the credit card companies. As a result, they lower the standards as low as possible, and then you are basically forced into dealing with Delaware’s laws on credit cards, not your own state’s or the federal govt.
    It’s strange to me that so many young people think that Trump represents them. He appealed to racism and sexism to get you to argue for him, and now you’re going to end up with more expensive, less effective healthcare. Wealthy people will pay far less in taxes, just as they did under Bush and Reagan.
    The sad part is that none of these young people will ever see anything that they wanted.
    Meanwhile, they elected someone who they claim is a great businessperson, but there isn’t one of them who has any citation to show you how much he is worth. Not one of them will be able to give you a citation on how much money he owes to foreign interests.
    That’s the guy you elected. He’s a guy who has less wealth now after his business career than he would have had if he’d just taken the money his dad gave him and put it in a conservative investment portfolio.
    It might be nice to point out that his Dad was really his idol as a businessperson, and his dad is the main reason he even was able to get any deals done when he started. And his dad was arrested at a KKK rally that turned into a small riot in 1927.
    Even the guys who love him for his claims about how he’ll do something about Muslims are gonna have a hard time dealing with the fact that Trump rented Qaddafi his estate in Westchester, because Trump wanted access to Qaddafi’s money.
    Think about that. The guy who ran on the anti muslim, anti terror platform actually invited a terrorist supporting radical Muslim dictator to come to the US to do business with him.
    I can’t decide what’s funnier about that story. The fact that they were kicked out by the neighbors, including George Soros, or the fact that in the two weeks that Qaddafi’s entourage was there, they spent most of the time refitting the plumbing so that they could have Islamic footbaths and stuff installed. lol. In Trump’s house.
    Actually, the funniest part is when Trump demanded that they pay him an extra fifty thousand for rent, and the publicist for Qaddafi said, “Go fuck self, etc.”

  24. What is the source for this Gaddafi story of yours?

  25. @Hell Toupee, Neurologist and foog
    Bear in mind, that the stuff I’m writing is not copy-pasted and not researched into oblivion. It’s my opinion on the matter, and the attitude I feel you’re taking isn’t boding well yet.
    I never said “Kauf Buch”‘s start was right nor that his writing was pleasant to look at. Imposing your opinion on others with capslock on is a very bad start. And finish. It’s like “IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND MY OPINION YET I’M GONNA SHOUT A LITTLE LOUDER UNTILL YOU DO” kind of situation.
    That said, as a neurologist -from both your nick and description- (and by proxy, I presume quite sufficient in the art of psychology) I think we can agree that fighting fire with fire isn’t a viable option when talking about emotions or rationale.
    What Trump most will bring to the table, for good or worse, is a sense of unity. The kind that both Bush and Obama stripped the nation of. He might not be the best of choices, but neither is Hillary. However, to avoid this going to be a comparison, let’s stick to Trump. Or Drumpf, whatever you like.
    With Trump, from what I read, I feel that the world is a step away from WW4. I honestly do, because he is looking for common ground and keeping peace.
    Trump, bad as he might be, is a business man. If at worst he just sees the USA as a business, he will try and make profit. Trouble is, when he makes profit, the nation makes profit. Very bad indeed, as when the dollar becomes a more stable currency again, the stuff from the USA will become more expensive.
    Most of all – and without having to type for an hour – having Trump as president of the USA will adjust the mentality of the people not only in the USA but world wide. What I mean with that is the mentality of the “special snowflake”-generation, the people that because they have a lack of hardships fabricate problems. With that, humanity will be able to compose itself again and see the real problems, and work towards fixing them.
    Btw, I’m from the Netherlands.
    And if you’d like to scan my brains, I’d be happy to be a test subject.

  26. @Kauf Buch
    I can’t agree with you.
    I can understand you.
    hahaha spermatank superorigineel he? sorry zal t niet meer doen.
    Can you elaborate on your statement though? I’m a bit confused on how you mean that.

  27. @The Lone Wonderer
    I can agree with most of what you written. From WW3 to »special snowflakes«. Also if nothing else, Trump’s election will seriously shake stale politics in US and around the world. And it’s about time.
    What worries me with Trump is an alliance between US and Russia. Which makes perfect sense for businessman like Trump. China (+ Asia) with it’s cheap workforce is a serious danger and thus a clear enemy. South America and Africa are too chaotic for anything serious, Europe is not a partner but liability, and India’s economy is dwindling. And US needs a partner. So an alliance with equally strong »regime« can again start splitting the world into two blocks… So on one hand you have old school boys like Trump and Putin, on the other a globalized world, that thinks borders are a thing of the past.
    Only thing I can do is hope for the best…
    BTW: I don’t think your brains need scanning… you seem well balanced :D

  28. Over & out, need my sleep. I have 8 hrs ICU shift tomorrow.
    Don’t kill each other! Or do, but not with blunt force trauma to the head… do something with abdomen, let internal guys deal with you :D

  29. Nobody noticed the M in Time make devil horns over Trumps head?

  30. So does Obama, Bernanke, Pope Francis, Bono, Bush, The American Soldier and almost everyone due to the design of the cover layout.

  31. The one thing neuro and Lone seem to miss about Trump
    (it’s flattering how MISinformed Europeans – esp neuro – love to pat themselves on the head imagining they understand America and its politics, based on the propaganda and distortions of the press)
    vis a vis “USA and Russia”
    is NOT “business.”
    It is the value of a limited partnership to eradicate islamic terrorism.

  32. @ScheißeKäufer:
    It’s not »vis a vis«, it’s »à propos«. Completely different meaning. Just a friendly tip from misinformed European.
    Plus: it’s »vis-á-vis«.
    Learn. Really…

    For the person who wanted to know what the source for the story was on Trump renting his estate to Qaddafi in the hopes that he’d be able to use Qaddafi’s money. The story isn’t even debatable. It was just a normal story at the time, because Trump wasn’t running for president by exploiting the fears of a bunch of idiot Americans who will now watch as wealthy people get tax cuts, and they get jackshit. Trump pretends that he made a lot of money.
    “The estate features 60 rooms; other town residents include billionaire George Soros and actor Richard Gere.”
    If you check out the article, there is also a nice picture of a goat, because they were going to have a nice Halal roast there, so they were letting the goat run around in the yard.
    Another funny part about Trump’s rental to Qaddafi is that the reason they were kicked out of the house is because they broke local zoning laws about putting up a temporary tent structure in the back yard. The whole reason Qaddafi was put in Trump’s place in Westchester is because Qaddafi wanted to erect a traditional style tent, but none of the NYC locations would allow a permit for a giant tent to be put up.
    The giant tent broke zoning laws, and they forced Gaddafi’s entourage to leave.
    Qaddafi’s entourage spent two weeks prepping the estate for him to arrive. Trump charged 150k for those two weeks of rent, and he pretended he made a “fortune”. lol.
    150k for two weeks of rent to a Terrorist supporting Muslim dictator’s entourage is not a “fortune”, and only an idiot or a liar or someone who thinks you’re all idiots would tell you that.
    But that’s par of the course- “The Donald insisted he was unaware his property was being rented by the terrorist dictator. ”
    RIght? Except after the story finally fully comes out, everyone knows that Trump just blatantly lied about that, and Trump tries to pretend 150K is a lot of money to him.

  34. First off, you’re welcome for the money you get from me and the rest of the tax payers every time you go to see a movie or buy a latte. It’s fabulous that you’re able to retire and live a comfortable life in the US. It’s also very nice that you already have health insurance paid for by Americans who are still working. A comfortable retirement in which you don’t fear death due to exposure or preventable illness is something that all humans should be entitled to.
    So, we’re glad to help you with that. At least I am.
    We think you deserve a decent retirement.
    Secondly, the goal of ISIS is to create a Caliphate across the middle east. Almost all of the victims of those violent, deluded assholes are Muslims. The reason they attack in European countries is because they want Europe and the US to stop taking those refugees, and to force those refugees to live under their Caliphate and under their religious law.
    So when I read comments like the one you make, I am incredibly confused by the lack of understanding of the best plans to end that type of violence.
    We have to understand that the destabilization of the region, and most specifically, the dismantling of Iraq’s military.
    When Bush attacked Iraq for no reason, AQ in Iraq did not exist. Al Qaeda existed, but not Al Qaeda in Iraq. Remember that W’s dad invaded Iraq. When W attacked Iraq, it was unnecessary, and we knew at the time that there was no good evidence for any of the claims the Bush admin made.
    AQ in Iraq was born at this time. ISIS is a direct outgrowth of AQ in Iraq.
    France stayed out of Iraq and was roundly mocked for their refusal to send troops. They were called names like “Cheese eating surrender monkeys.” Republicans in office did asinine things like changing “french fries” to “Freedom Fries”.
    The reason that France stayed out of Iraq?
    They were aware of the consequences. They knew that a destabilized region would come back to haunt them. They knew that destabilizing a region like this leads to issues like terrorism and violence- in France. And they were right. And those who supported the war in Iraq now run from their decisions.
    The sad part is that hundreds of thousands of people can’t run from the decisions of war mongering morons in the US, because they are dead.
    Please, by all means, be opposed to violence, and fight to end it.
    Don’t, however, be duped into believing that you can attack and reject the victims of that violence because they wear head scarves or because they speak differently or think differently than you.
    The main victims of ISIS and other groups are Muslims.
    The thing is, I think Islam is stupid. But I’m also not an idiot. Acting like a revenge minded idiot does nothing to solve the full problem. Braying and chanting does nothing.
    So now you have Trump. The guy who argued that we could just attack a country and take their oil because we want it. Never mind the sheer dishonesty in that sentiment. Wait, do mind it.
    Trump said we could just take their oil. A. It’s impossible to do that. B. We don’t do land piracy as a function of our military. C. Oil is an internationally traded commodity, and unless the US government took the oil and kept in the US, the oil will simply be sold on the international market, and that will not benefit anyone in the US unless they own the stock or are employed for the company.
    I teach kids chess. I don’t have private students who pay me a lot of money like some chess teachers. I volunteer and I work in schools, as well as teaching home school groups. As a result, I work with Muslim kids, Catholic kids, non believing kids, Jewish kids, Buddhist kids, even Pagan kids.
    But I understand. You’re angry, and you think that forcing those Muslim kids to grow up in a violent environment will somehow make them not grow up to be sympathetic to those scumbags who try to convince them that it’s a good idea to be violent against the US and Europe.
    When I was a kid, the US was taking in refugees from Vietnam, among other places. The same idiotic complaints were made about how those Vietnamese refugees would bring communism.
    Here we are forty years later, and those Vietnamese refugees bring their kids to learn chess from me at the public library or in my classes at schools. And I get to eat amazing Bahn Mi sandwiches and Pho.
    The point of all this rambling is that I can tell you are really mad. The problem is that humans have a long history of using violent, one sided rhetoric to convince people that the enemy is evil, and even their children are not worth saving.
    You can buy into that foolishness again if you want. Just like every other useful idiot who has been played by these interests.
    Your Jihad is no different from theirs.

  35. @otto: Hat tip to you, sir!

  36. Putin made Trump president. Deal with it.

  37. Trump is awful. I mean Obama was bad. He made the Bush tax cuts permanent, deported record numbers of hispanics, used so many bombs in the middle east they literally ran out at some point, made legal the spying on every US citizen without warrant.
    But trump is getting the SITTING Exon Mobil CEO as his secretary of state, three Goldman Sachs executives are also in his cabinet. In fact most people he has picked are those that didin’t support him in name, but directly gave his campaign “donations”. He’s pressuring foreign diplomats to stay at his hotels, because they feel it would lead to unfair diplomatic treatment later. He brought his daughter to a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister, when she has a business dealing with a company 100% owned by the Japanese government.
    I predict there will be riots in the streets near the end of his first year, the corruption will be so bad. Ugh and Bernie Sanders has a life long political career proving he’s for the people and wants to make the US great again.

  38. Do you still feel that way, or are you a whiner claiming the 2020 election was stolen?

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