Donald Trump Coloring Book

Illustrator M. G. Anthony has created a coloring book dedicated to our most favorite superhero of all time: Donald Trump. Featured below are some of the best examples from this masterpiece.

8 thoughts on “Donald Trump Coloring Book”

  1. I bet this book will be more fun than Trumps reign.

  2. I started colouring in but ran out of orange halfway through the first picture…

  3. Somebody doesn’t like Trump in here…

  4. Colorectal cancer would be more fun than a Trump presidency.

  5. Is this an endorsement by EatLiver?

  6. Too bad there isn’t one for hitlary! Problem is, it would be about so many people she has had killed. It could be called ” my life behind bars.”

  7. Nice 8×9 chess board.

  8. makes the game more fun :-p

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