Truly Terrifying



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  1. Conditionally Scary March 13, 2015

    This may be true if you are a student, or the parents of a student. For the rest of us less gifted, poverty-stricken, ignornat folks never attending a place of higher education, phoey!

    • another old guy March 13, 2015

      Or if you attended university back in the 60’s or 70’s when it was affordable.

  2. I feel that bankers have to much control over everything. Making education expensive means people need bank loans, so I am sure the banking industry lobbies a lot, and indirectly, to keep it going in that direction.

    • Bob VasDeferens March 15, 2015

      Government injection of funds into university education causes cost inflation.

  3. Punctuation NAZI March 14, 2015

    Dear Landlord I would like to take special exception to the use of the ellipses in this cartoon. Ellipses generally means etc, but in cartoon the ellipses is used incorrectly, meaning I suppose, ‘thinking’. Please correct this error and slap the author of this comic.
    Punctuation NAZI.

    • Puntuation NAZI Hunter March 15, 2015

      Those are not ellipses, that mark is a footprint of a cat or simular beast. Stick to books and other forms of printed material. You don’t know squat about cartooning.

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