Truly Terrifying

6 thoughts on “Truly Terrifying”

  1. This may be true if you are a student, or the parents of a student. For the rest of us less gifted, poverty-stricken, ignornat folks never attending a place of higher education, phoey!

  2. Or if you attended university back in the 60’s or 70’s when it was affordable.

  3. I feel that bankers have to much control over everything. Making education expensive means people need bank loans, so I am sure the banking industry lobbies a lot, and indirectly, to keep it going in that direction.

  4. Dear Landlord I would like to take special exception to the use of the ellipses in this cartoon. Ellipses generally means etc, but in cartoon the ellipses is used incorrectly, meaning I suppose, ‘thinking’. Please correct this error and slap the author of this comic.
    Punctuation NAZI.

  5. Government injection of funds into university education causes cost inflation.

  6. Those are not ellipses, that mark is a footprint of a cat or simular beast. Stick to books and other forms of printed material. You don’t know squat about cartooning.

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