This Lawyer Makes a Valid Point

23 thoughts on “This Lawyer Makes a Valid Point”

  1. Haha, it’s funny because it’s true.

  2. I don’t approve of divorce I’m a woman of religion I’ve stuck in my relationship inspire of the ups and downs this is the way we are all meant to be

  3. So, you mean to say a woman who is suffering shouldn’t divorce because of religion?

  4. Lol. 2 impostors discussing.

  5. Hehe, it’s because true it’s funny.

  6. Hoho, it’s funny because it’s true.

  7. Ha I like how you are trying your best to sound like the real hein.

  8. Look rattus I too am a man of religion but I’m not against divorce if it is needed
    You must be one of the crazy preachers

  9. Hehe it’s funny because I’m kauf buch

  10. Huehue it’s funny because of the comment rattus made below

  11. At this point I think rattus you probably require help

  12. Hey, idiots! The dullard who has now hijacked my placeholder name continues to offer up opinions that are antithetical to my own. I am a woman, an atheist, and once divorced. The divorce was amicable and we are still friends, as is my current husband of three decades.

  13. First, kill all the lawyers.

  14. Lol I would have believed the faker if his views weren’t so different from the real rattus😂

  15. I am your match

  16. Rattus, don’t take it personal.
    1) no one knows your real identity
    2) at this point no one believes anything coming from your name (because of the impostors)

    My name was hijacked too :D

  17. Second, be happy

  18. Where’s Link? I need him. I’m horny.

  19. I want a divorce you batcrap crazy, SJW bitch.

  20. @Hein, thanks for being the voice of reason. Woke up cranky (truly loathing Mondays these days) this morning. Time to go do some half-assed office chair yoga. Aaaaaah, peace!

  21. @RealRattus husband
    i laughed so much i might need new unde*wear

  22. @Zelda
    Meet me at Mario’s place

  23. @RealRattus (name tbc)
    Don’t worry i only troll you once in a while

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