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  1. *over-sensitive comment about perceived “racism” in 3…2…1…*
    It’s toilet paper!

    • It was a poor tree. Born poor, died poor. Many trees likes this will grow now that Trump is president.

    • TO Dat
      Your remark sorta reminds me of Steve Martin’s famous line in his film, “The Jerk”:
      “I was born a poor, black tree.”

  2. Sue Aikens August 5, 2017

    Is it better to run at front of the pack with the little dogs or at the back of the pack with the big dogs.

  3. Boredtotears August 5, 2017

    This joke never gets old…..it was first told in 1946…

  4. Prevention is the Cure August 9, 2017

    Unfortunately, shit happens. It can happen to those with the best of intentions…..

  5. So, It chose president…

  6. Ibrahim ayuba shallkulinyi September 1, 2017

    I like/love it

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