Totally Innocent Cats

11 thoughts on “Totally Innocent Cats”

  1. Hot pot time!

  2. Cats = Cats

  3. I am glad we chose a dog instead

  4. Some of these rise to dog level.

  5. = Cats =

  6. A dog does even more shitty thing. He just looks more guilty.

  7. ManCat =/ CatMan

  8. people think it’s an issue with cats, well it’s not. i had a cat that was as wild as they come, because she lived in a small apartment on fourth floor and never got out. she was borderline feral, even with people feeding her and caring for her. when we changed locale, moved to a large house in a village, where she was free to raom the countryside, she transformed from a razor claw wielding, hissing fury monster to a purring fat slob – cats need space and a lot of it. same thing with dogs really, just, you know, more because of the whole size thing

  9. +1

  10. Totally agree. My cats go in and out and they never touch anything in the house. Dogs, even if they get exercise will still jump. chew, crap, piss on anything and everything.

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