Totally Innocent Cats



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  1. PatronasKitty7 March 8, 2016

  2. Hot pot time!

  3. Cats = Cats

  4. Some of these rise to dog level.

  5. nanaya beezwaxx March 10, 2016

    people think it’s an issue with cats, well it’s not. i had a cat that was as wild as they come, because she lived in a small apartment on fourth floor and never got out. she was borderline feral, even with people feeding her and caring for her. when we changed locale, moved to a large house in a village, where she was free to raom the countryside, she transformed from a razor claw wielding, hissing fury monster to a purring fat slob – cats need space and a lot of it. same thing with dogs really, just, you know, more because of the whole size thing

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