Tom Cruise’s Perfectly Centered Front Tooth

12 thoughts on “Tom Cruise’s Perfectly Centered Front Tooth”

  1. center line isn’t exactly on center… now is it? his whole face has to be rotated 3-4 degrees clockwise, while the center tooth will still be “off” it wont look as dramatic.

  2. Are you trying to take away my job?!

  3. if you did your job right no one could take it away! =p

  4. His acting career is over now thanks to eat liver. Poor Tom poor poor Tom.

  5. Maybe it continues all the way up into his brain and that is why he buys the wacked Scientology BS.

  6. I don’t know where you’re from, but that is counter clockwise where I’m from.

  7. @ Anonymous : Just where are you from where the clocks run backwards?

  8. He has 3 front teeth. So what? He’s an ALIEN for crying out loud.

  9. @Snozzlebert: Maybe Anonymous is a hairdresser? Many salons have “mirrored” clocks, so they appear normal in the mirror.

  10. The exact center of his face would be on the ridge of his nose or something. I’d really love to see that.

  11. That is not the center of his face, get some glasses.

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