G7 Lunch Break

21 thoughts on “G7 Lunch Break”

  1. I won’t and you can’t make me, so there!

  2. German joint coalition parliament under Merkels lead just gave themselves a 15% raise to political party financial aid. Self service under the disguise of „democracy“. If you sit a pig in front of the trough, don’t be surprised when it eats.
    -Der Hans

  3. In the photo, everyone’s looking at Mama Merkel because all she’s serving is water. She’s waiting for the halal catering to arrive.

  4. I learned today that there’s a conspiracy out there dictating that Merkel is Hitler’s daughter… thanks internets!

  5. Actually, most are looking at Macron. You may take a closer look.

  6. Just another fail of an EU hater. So sad.

  7. People are stupid. What else can one say.

  8. She can’t be…. she doesn’t have a moustache.

  9. That would mean Hitler fathered a child at the age of 64. Dirty old man!

  10. And point you tried to make was…?

  11. How so? Germany has surplus.

  12. The media will tell you what to think.

  13. The truth is that vault is empty. Trump spend all of it on sex scandals and buying Fox News. That why his russian employers had to pay Stormy Daniels off. No one wants Americas state money. There is none.

  14. And sadly, many will let them…..

  15. With only one ball.

  16. The EU and most of Europe will be gone in a few decades. Everybody Knows That. You can’t fight demographics. It’s over. Look at the actions of your law enforcement. Children murdered and raped in your streets and they arrest people for word crimes. They sweep the crimes of the economic refugees under the carpet and punish those who speak out. You are being replaced and God help you and your children for what’s coming. Run, while you still can.

  17. The other is in the Albert Hall!

  18. Only we tell the real truth even when it’s fake. You can believe us every lie as the President himself enjoys our program.

  19. *LOL* You tell funny fake fairy tales. When I look out of the window there are no corpses lying out on the street. That’s more likely to happen in the U.S. It is hard to find higher murder rates…

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