Photographer Makes His Tiny Wiener Dog As Big As She Thinks She Is

Photographer Mitch Boyer has created an ongoing project to photoshop images of his dachshund, Vivian in her “true size”. His dog has a larger than life personality and Mitch wanted to capture it in pictures.

8 thoughts on “Photographer Makes His Tiny Wiener Dog As Big As She Thinks She Is”

  1. ok shite yep pointless … why?

  2. funny stuff. my late min pin, Tiger Lily, had the same personality trait. RIP Lily, even your daddy misses you.

  3. Wieners and chihuahuas aren’t dogs. They are a breed of rats!

  4. How dare you equate me with one of those, sir.

  5. All dogs are small and stupid. Crooked dachshund. Low energy!

  6. I just saw tiny wiener in the title and couldn’t help but click on this in a desperate attempt to relate to someone..

  7. I would agree with the Chihuahua, but you are wrong AF about Dachshunds. They were bred that short to hunt badgers, rabbits, foxes and other burrowing animals. They can be quite ferocious if trained properly, and unlike those OTHER small dogs (I’m lookin’ at YOU pugs!), are VERY protective of their families and homes, and are very affectionate. Unlike chihuahuas, who seem only to exist to make the meekest of animals feel like they’re fearsome by constantly shivering peeing on the floor in terror at the sound of a dropped fork. Gimme a dachshund ANY day of the week!

  8. Say hello to clifford the big red dog.

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