11 thoughts on “Thug Life”

  1. It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby !

  2. Nice guns and ball ammo.. :P BALL is for target practice… Get some personal protection ammo. geesh

  3. Hey I like ***** as much or more than any other man. But all these cat pictures are getting to be too much. Let’s go back to pictures of irony and sarcasm, and gross human stupidity. Leave the cats alone – also dogs and other animals. Give us a break.

  4. Clearly some of these cats actually do belong to gangsters, which is odd cause I thought those guys liked really big dogs.

  5. Cats and guns are a good combination, but not in this way.

  6. Yes. It’s all about the baby of the Benjamin.

  7. The first one, the cat with the tuxedo dickie, suggests an alternate caption of “Great Catsby.” But I agree with Justa Man, let’s not go further down the road of cute cat pics. I love ’em but it’s not why I come to eatliver.

  8. Yawn

  9. I’m still waiting for a Morris the Cat action movie, but somehow don’t think it’s going to be forthcoming any time soon.

  10. I’d pay money for a good picture of irony. Then I could show it to all my American friends and save hours of explanations.

  11. croatian kuna – now worth 0,13 € or 0,18 $ – that cat is so catsh

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