The Difference Between The Three Abrahamic Religions

17 thoughts on “The Difference Between The Three Abrahamic Religions”

  1. Only one religion above will get you beheaded if the fundamentalist practitioner of it is insulted.

  2. Me and Joe Bob mumble to snakes. Gotta be careful, them snakes are fast and can bite ya on the lips. Ever had swolle up lips?

  3. And only one of them will take over the banking institutions of your country, and put you and all of your progeny into debt with their usury laws.

  4. Christianity?
    Have you heard about the logical fallacy called “no true Scotsman”? Actually there is a stable country with a Muslim regime, that forbids women from driving, that beheads people under Shari’ah law, had strong links to the 9-11 terrorists. Is Saudi Arabia, and is one of the US’s major allies. The US sold them $60+billion in weapons in recent history, which some are very, very liekly in the hands of ISIS, who Saudi Arabia is also friendly with (they are the same branch of Islam).

  5. Only one religion above will burn you at the stake if you tell a fundamentalist practitioner the world is round.

  6. Agnosticism: Mumbling to yourself.

  7. If one man mumbles to his invisible friend, they lock him away in a mental institution. If millions do the same, people for some reason respect them. I don’t know who of the two are more crazy.

  8. @ Groot – Quick! Grab your tinfoil hat before the Jews read your mind and prevent you from posting more ignorant comments!
    @ LogiC – Hilarious that you reference a logical fallacy! Too bad you used it incorrectly. Even the link that you posted disproves the idiotic point you tried to make. The story points out that the murderer was a heavy user of methamphetamine. I mean, just look at the picture of him and you can see the evidence of that. But no, it was probably his beliefs and not the drugs that made him murder the 19 year-old, right? Keep living in your fantasy world, m’lady. *Tips fedora at the douchebag*
    (I didn’t even feel like explaining the link between hyper-religiosity and mental illness [often bipolar or schizophrenia] to you but this would be something for you to educate yourself on so that next time you don’t sound like an idiot on the internet. Well, I can hope, can’t I?)

  9. @LogiC I can almost see the overweight frame of your shadow

  10. Is it the one making dank memes? You euphoric son of a gun, how dare you use your enlightenment from your own intelligence to educate all the religious idiots you’re clearly superior too. When you tip your fedora, make sure you can still see.

  11. @LogiC – this probably looks out of place under @LukeEmina’s comment, but you’re awesome. End of discussion.

  12. I think that all 3 above religions truly believe in what they stand for. Maybe not each person individually, but as a group. So is it so bad that we just let them believe in what they believe? I mean, there’s the whole LGBTQ+ community… They defy science, nature, biology… yet they are so supported. Can’t we just be supportive of everyone?

  13. I think that its more than people mumbling to the ceiling. if you look at a world map, and find the places that are very poplulas with christianity, you will find that those places expierience less disasters. oh and one more thing, without a sence of religion the world would find to reason to exsist and most likely end itself for what it would think is best.

  14. …and one stones you and the other tortures you until you confess and then burns you alive.

  15. ha, religious people are idiots.

  16. One advocates killing your child of they insult your “hounor”

  17. So true, Jim, but nowadays it might also mean they’re talking on their Bluetooth.

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