Torture (A Thought Experiment)


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  1. Taliban shoot schoolchildren in Pakistan; Chechnyans shoot schoolchildren in Beslan, Russia. I’m sure they’re just freedom fighters.

  2. To St. Reagan they were…

  3. Yeah the Islamic state would never torture Americans… before they behead us. To whoever wrote this comic take your bleeding heart and ** **** *******.

  4. What a pathetic circlejerk this comic is. There were examples of torture on both sides, but when you examine the scope and cultural acceptance of said torture, there is no comparison. The United States punishes any soldier or citizen found guilty of committing torture. For example, SPC’s Graner and England had a trial, were convicted, and served prison time for Abu Ghraib. The BG was even demoted to a COL. These jokers were the rare exception to the rule of benevolent soldiers that protect this great nation and others around the world who are unable to defend themselves. Maybe you should educate yourself about the Kosovo War, where American soldiers defended Muslims from the ethnic cleansing that was going on.
    Meanwhile, Al Qaeda, ISIS (or ISIL), and other extremist groups routinely film beheadings and other prisoner torture. They use it as advertising to recruit people to join in their jihad.
    But no, no, no, let’s not hear the other side. Let’s not listen to the facts that disrupt our little worldview or present an accurate picture of what is really happening outside your little Mac book. The U.S. is totally TEAM AMERICA WORLD POLICE **** YEAH SEAKING!

  5. Of course that is not a good thing. All religion is dangerous.

  6. Chechens are absolutely not angels. But to be fair Russians were trying to free the hostages having tanks shot that school! The tragedy in Beslan is not that obvious…

  7. And cops shoot school children in Missouri.

  8. lame…

  9. American patriotism at its most idiotic and unfunny form… If you want to use torture just use it, don’t hide behind those evil animals.
    By the way, I think the last one was a movie named “Burried”.

  10. US is fighting monsters with monsters.

  11. The point of the cartoon is to see if you think it is still acceptable if it were from the other side.
    It isn’t.
    That’s the point. If it isn’t acceptable, them doing that, then why is it acceptable our side doing it?
    Ideally no side should do it. We can’t control their side, but we can control our own side.
    And if anyone thinks its ok for us to do it and not them, then try and think why is that? Are you *really* saying that your side/nation/race is better than another one? Its a short step from being proud of your nation to thinking all other nations are inferior and then its another small step to then justify attrocities because we are better and they are not.
    And on a final note. It has been admitted that this gave NO valuable information, was headed up by pshycologists with NO experience in negotiation, interrogation or ANY skills related to this. So it was pretty much a futile effort from the start.

  12. “Frank EinsteinDecember 19, 2014
    Of course that is not a good thing. All religion is dangerous.”
    Lol nothing has murdered more humanity in the last hundred years than some atheist. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, all atheists.

  13. It’s only a ‘thought experiment’ if you’re a moral idiot.
    The so-called experiment is absurd because we know what they do prisoners. They very helpfully post the video to the Internet. I’ll bet my house that any one of those guys would have preferred being waterboarded to being decapitated with a knife in a snuff film.
    I’d like to see the cartoon showing a high-ranking US official sawing off a detainee’s head with a knife, posting the video, then the Taliban/AQ/ISIS guy watches it and mutters “They have a point; we should be minding our own business”. But drawing that cartoon would require a moral compass.
    Oh – for what it’s worth: the three guys who were waterboarded are alive & well; they are fed, clothed, receive the best medical care in the world and are represented pro bono by big-ticket D.C. law firms. Poor guys.

  14. Just sayin’ – you’re an idiot. The Taliban only dates back to about 1994. I’m not a Math major but I’m pretty sure that’s AFTER 1989, when Reagan left office.
    Snark is no substitute for knowledge.

  15. The torture report made it clear that in nearly all cases the torturing done was not effective, and in some cases led to bad information that hindered national security interests. The Bush administration was aware of this at their time and ordered it continued. None of the Bush administration people that actually ordered the torture met any repercussions, they just threw the ones that administered it under the bus.
    Torture is cruel and wrong. There is no situation where torture is warranted. It is sick and sadistic. To say it’s ok or justified because someone else did it to your people is a weak and petty thing.
    What ISIL/ISIS does is irrelevant. Keep those people prisoners, interrogate them. Torture though is useless, unacceptable and inhumane. You coming here and defending it like this disgusts me.

  16. War is crazy because either side believes they have the higher moral ground. I do not see torture as humane or effective. If someone tortured me I would confess in a second just to stop the pain. I think most persons being tortured would do the same.

  17. Yeah, that’s why the fergusson killer is in jail.

  18. Butthurt cream anyone?

  19. Danm right

  20. To all the butthurt jingoistic mouth-breathers who feel compelled to natter on about how awful Al Qaeda/ISIS/Hydra are: No shit. So howzabout we don’t lower ourselves to their level?

  21. It’s on your lips…

  22. Nice try, dimwit. Setting up your Communist dictatorship as the One True Way, with The Party as its de facto church and the Leader as de facto God, and banning any potentially competing organizations – all political parties, churches, trade unions, you name it – is not atheism. It’s totalitarianism.
    Hitler? Wake up, nimrod. Hitler was a rabid Christian who wouldn’t shut up about following God’s order and “doing the work of the Lord.” He revered Martin Luther and his writings (especially Luther’s love of killing Jews), made a pact with the Vatican, praised the unification of the Church and State in his Reich, banned Charles Darwin’s books, and boasted of having “crushed the atheist movement”.
    He was certainly not a *normal* Christian, or normal Austrian, or normal anything. He was a nutcase, and his evils do not reflect on peace-loving Christians. He does not represent the average, everyday Christian in any way.
    But, for the record, he identified himself as a capital-C Christian.
    Back to Josh: “Stop! Learning things makes my head hurt!” Do it anyway, Josh. Do it anyway.

  23. @LogiC
    You are an idiot and completely missed my point. I said that when torture is discovered, it is punished in the United States. You bringing up the torture report actually proves my point. When it came to light what was going on, an investigation was launched. Now you wonder why the people who made those decisions aren’t behind bars, right? Well, good luck trying to get the rich and powerful to face the consequences of their actions.
    You are also wrong because what ISIS/ISIL does is relevant. They are an extremist group similar to Al Qaeda, or did you not read the comic above? You didn’t notice that the comic mentioned them? Extremist groups torture and kill the prisoners they capture. Instead of using the legal system to discourage those actions, they justify it. Hence my main point, which you totally missed.
    The Ferguson killer? First, you spelled Ferguson wrong. Second, are you retarded? We were talking about torture and you reference a non sequitur? Sorry, that’s a big word you probably don’t understand, but you can Google it. Third, the officer faced trial by jury. They found him innocent. You somehow were stupid enough to prove my point. Life must be hard for you.

  24. To this series as a whole: Booo. Hiss, booo.

  25. Surely you must only pretend to not understand the point of the comic?

  26. Nice Try: Just sayin’ is correct. You can even find a picture of Reagan with the men who started the Taliban that was taken in the White House. At the time he said they “are just like our founding fathers”.

  27. Sounds more like justice to me, after all, we attacked them, unprovoked.

  28. Who is this Zeus guy that said Hitler was a “rabid Christian”? Hahahaha. What a moron. Read a book.

  29. Wow cant even look at a damn comic what the hell when are people going to stop being insane cry babies not everything is meant to offend you the world does not revolve around you and your opinions not every comment box was created so you could bash every person on here commenting funny how the comments just led down to you cold hearted bastards being rude to each other back and forth back and forth til it no longer is about the comic

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