Bucket List: Things to Do Before You Die

12 thoughts on “Bucket List: Things to Do Before You Die”

  1. These are stupid

  2. Only female mosquitoes suck blood, so the one pictured is not “he”, but “she”.

  3. I hear Steven Wright’s voice doing the cross-eyed girl joke.

  4. Get a fart ringtone. Go into a crowded elevator and actually fart. When the questioning glares start, pull out your phone, point at it and play the ringtone with a wink.

  5. Because burying metal objects that say “get a life” is actually having a life, right? Oh, the irony…

  6. Another pissed off feminist. Thank you, internet. :)

  7. This is the bucket list of a 10 yr old

  8. Yep, metal might be iron(Y)

  9. I’ve done half of these in my twenties.

  10. Thank you Edgehog. The evening wasn’t wasted

  11. lol now same

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