Hilarious Times People Made The Horrible Mistake of Wearing Red To Target

We have all wandered our favorite stores slightly lost until we see the familiar colors of the uniform of an employee, there to save us. If that store happens to be Target, it’s red shirt paired with khaki pants. Unwittingly, more people than you might imagine have wandered into the big red store only to realize they were wearing the exact uniform of the employees… Scroll down to see a hilarious list of their cautionary tales.

Not to self: don't wear red to Target.

Two people asked me if I worked here!

Target put me to work!

Some notes to mention from my 2 hours of employment by Target.

Shopping at Target while wearing a red shirt: never again!

Made a rookie mistake. Wore red to Target.

Pro tip: don't wear red in Target.

Pro tip: don't wear red to Target.

Everyone thinks I work here. Please send help!

Note to self: don't go to Target whilst wearing tan pants and red shirt.

Never again!

Sometimes wearing red to Target is fun.

Even Target employees thought I worked here.

I helped a lady find a universal remote.

Don't wear red to Target on Black Friday. It's a bad idea.

Really unfortunate color combo to wear in Target.

Wore red sweater to Target. 5 people asked me for help.

Long story short I'm now assistant manager.

7 thoughts on “Hilarious Times People Made The Horrible Mistake of Wearing Red To Target”

  1. Gold commercial for some shopping mall.

  2. Wear red shirt and khakis on Black Friday and help customers (and yourself) carry their (your) stuff out to the car. The store will never know. Is that dishonest?

  3. Never heard of the Target malls before.

  4. Not if you vote for Trump. Go for it.

  5. You can cuss out anyone you want, and if they Brighton me to talk to the manager tell him to go ahead and stand there and tell the manager comes out

  6. I meant “threatened”

    Don’t kill me internet

  7. Your autocorrect turned “threatened” into “Brighton”? You Sir, need an exorcist.

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