Not Much Has Changed Since 1935…


Series of cartoons called “The Ruling Clawss” that were published in the “Daily Worker” magazine in 1935.


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  1. Sure it’s changed – it’s worse today.

  2. 2nd generation Ruski Bob February 14, 2018

    It was the hay day for the up and coming National Socialist Workers party. The Communist party of the Soviet Union was busy starving Ukrainians and political dissidents. The US was closely trying to regulate the influx of the hords of aliens coming in from s*** hole countries.

    • Hay day? You really are one stupid ****** ****. Stop spewing the bullshit and go back to your mom’s trailer and stay there.

  3. And you voted one of THEM into the White House.

  4. Don’t know what that font is, but I’ve always loved the 30’s deco looking fonts.

  5. Reminds me EXACTLY of the HollyPEDOwood Ruling Class…and George Soros

    • How about the bushes, the trumps, the koch brothers, and their ilk? These people are the super rich, who want to deny the common folk anyhing,

  6. Now that’s some funny shit right there!!

  7. Times never change. People do, but times remain the same.

  8. Educated Working Poor (Master's Degree) May 17, 2020

    may 2020: amazon pays basically 0 in taxes and keeps its workforce as “contractors” so basically zero benefits offered to full time staff….and of course walmart remains evil—welcome to the workforce grads of 2020

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