The Resemblance Is Uncanny

9 thoughts on “The Resemblance Is Uncanny”

  1. Joe Bob and me talked it over. We tried and tried, but we can’t recognize any of them folks. Looks like a bunch of twins, is that rite?

  2. Who is your Daddy and what does he do?

  3. He’s an actor who’s posing for otter photos and earns millions a year. What does your daddy do, Mister?

  4. He otter do something about that.

  5. Damn crypto-otters are taking over showbiz!

  6. This is beyond obsession…

  7. You can see he went to the Otter Studio.

  8. That’s otter nonsense!

  9. Another plastic surgery disaster. As the before-and-after pictures shows, he looked much better as an otter.

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