What Happens When You Ask The Wrong Guy For Help…

Do you have a picture that needs some photoshopping? Whatever you need, James Fridman is here to help. We prefer to call him “The King of Photoshop”, because as you can see from his hilarious creations, there seems to be nothing he can’t do.

11 thoughts on “What Happens When You Ask The Wrong Guy For Help…”

  1. The last one is positively awesome.

  2. She should take that advice.

  3. She should stop watching shit TV and having shit friends.

  4. He’s the best “photoshop roaster” on the internet!!!
    (especially because, given the way the requesters phrase their requests, he does what they ask!)

  5. That youtube video is always in my recommended list

  6. Photoshop rolling- it wasn’t funny then, and it isn’t funny still.

  7. Get a life, and a sense of humour….

  8. So, basically they asked for it

  9. Photoshop trolling is dumb. Can’t believe these retards think they’re being funny

  10. I agree. Last one’s my fav.

  11. yeah, the last is actually cool.

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