Unstoppable Urge


So why do you want to work for this company? I have this unstoppable corporate urge to devote my entire brainpower and youth to making slides in PowerPoint and sending e-mails.


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  1. Sounds like Leftists and their mindless obedience and subservience to the State.
    *slobber slobber slobber*

  2. After looking at male colleagues all day – I think she looks hot. Click bate/babe :o)

  3. Process of elimination November 26, 2021

    Two things can be know for sure. She did not recently attend a Thanksgiving parade and she does not know Darrell Brooks. There would be a mark if she had.

    • Please stop mentioning Darrell Brooks. It was only a car crash. An accident. And we need to bury it quick. What about Rittenhouse! Let’s talk about him and Trump. You know this was all Trumps fault. Darrell Brooks was a rabid Trump supporter and he was unvaxxed!

  4. I hate when they ask that question, It’s cause I want the stupid job

  5. Fellow citizen November 26, 2021

    No ring on finger, that means she’s mine! Moahaha

    • Alt-right rapist logic.

    • Crocodile Dundee November 27, 2021

      1. Not every culture uses the tradition of wedding rings
      2. They are getting real good at that sex change operation stuff.
      3. She may have put her burka in her brief case for the interview and did not ask her husband permission to take a job.

    • Enemy of the state... with children November 27, 2021

      Breeders are an offense to you are they not?

    • 4. Maybe she just doesn’t like wearing rings on her fingers.

    • @Enemy of the state… with children
      It’s not other people, it’s just you.

  6. Favourite Uncle November 27, 2021

    Wow, sure a lot of basement dwelling freeloaders getting all wound up
    over nothing. Smarten up or your parents will cut off your wi-fi, and free

    • TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP, woke uncle!!

    • This thanksgiving at least 30 people were killed by guns in America. Freedom deaths. Next time bring your own gun to the thanksgiving dinner to protect yourselves from your incel uncle, ladies.

    • Pure Blood Joe November 28, 2021

      Might stay away from parades too as there are black racist nationalist supremacists “driving” around.

    • They learned from the whites. No surprise.

  7. watching tiktok video and making facebook posts more likely.

  8. All this over a cute gal, glad she wasn’t ugly

  9. Looks like Biden’s taking the interview

  10. No way, the ears are not pointy enough.

  11. Biden molested his own daughter. Google Ashley Bidens Dairy where she admitted it. But okay, Orange Man bad. Haha

    • Sorry.. this true. The FBI raided journalists homes over it. Just like Hunter Biden’s lab top. Crime family that makes Trump look like a Boy Scout. It’s easy to find online. Even large outlets coved it briefly which is surprising.

    • Trump not only molested his own daughter. He sh*gs her regularly. What do you think why his wife doesn’t like her. Every perversion you can imagine – Trump did or does it. Animal president.

    • What was in the real news was that the FBI raided the people suspected of being in possession of the stolen diary, which had been used in a failed attempt to influence the election: The issue was whether the latter justifies raiding journalists. There was nothing in the news that your suggestions on the content of the diary agree with its actual content.

    • American flag on right buttcheek December 3, 2021

      Stop with those facts!

  12. No one cares what you fools believe anymore. We KNOW, so stop lying. Let’s Go Brandon!

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