The Good Old Days




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  1. I like to think that a version of this strip will be made in 20-30 years for America, China and possibly Russia too.
    We should also have a version for ancient Rome too.

  2. Things have to move on. It’s more important to try and unite all countries/races rather than try to rule them all.

  3. I think a country becoming too greedy is a large part of their downfall. They look to conquer new lands or new frontiers and forget to look at home. You can see it in America now, incredibly corrupt politicians (through almost unrestricted “campaign contributions” from lobbyists) and spending way too much time/money worrying about what some countries on the other side of the world are doing to worry about their issues at home.
    I think China will survive yet, if they don’t get greedy. They managed to survive foreign occupation and a complete change of government type, and have survived as a country for thousands of years. Funnily they never tried to take over the world or police it either.
    If the US stopped trying to be the world police and focused on improving at home, they could be great again.

    • You are foolish. You are a simple little child. You need to learn to differentiate between politicians and the common people. Two groups of people with VERY different goals.
      Also, China may rise, but they will fall as well. If you don’t think that they have any abusive policies, then you need to do some googling… Tiananmen square 1989, Tibet, Senkaku Islands, and Taiwan to merely scratch the surface. China is greedy like any other country, they are people just like any other people group. You are an idiot for idealizing them. You ignorance is astonishing.
      Further, the US is not the world police. The United States is a hegemon that provides stability to many people groups around the world (or at least attempts to). What you may not understand is that many people around the world are corrupt and abuse others. But you know what? Go read a fricking book because I’ve got better things to do than explain the complexities of global politics to you. For using the monicker “LogiC” you sure do make a lot of dumb comments on this website.

  4. I wanted to be Spartakus February 17, 2015

    I shall begin with a quote “United States is a hegemon that provides stability to many people groups around the world (or at least attempts to)”. Stability? You mean like US sold weapons to ISIS/ISIL last year?
    Don’t get me even started on many historical examples of US funding coups just so they could give the many peoples of the world some good ol’ stability. Truth is US isn’t some shining beacon of democracy/freedom/whatever. It’s a country that favors only interest – it’s own.
    And the “hegemon” position allows it to strongarm other countries much easier under the guise freedom/democracy. Fun fact: Britannia did the same, only with “white man’s burden” or “bringing light of civilization to savages”.

    • Ah, it appears that a toddler has found his way onto the internet. Firstly, you seem to think that it would be wrong for a country to project its power or defend its own interest. You are also wrong in assuming that is the only thing that the United States does. In 2013, the United States gave $55 billion in foreign aid. So what country are you from? How much did your country give, since you seem so quick to judge mine?
      Obviously the United States is not “some shining beacon of democracy/freedom/whatever.” However, compared to the alternatives or even the previous world powers, the world is genuinely better off with us. Put your precious little Russia, China, or literally any muslim country, and watch as they abuse their domestic rivals and the global economy. That’s why you don’t put the mice in charge of the cheese, window-licker.
      Also, provide proof that the US sold weapons to ISIS/ISIL. Everyone knows that this never happened. What did happen? ISIS/ISIL acquired those weapons from the fleeing Iraqi Army. Get your facts straight, you sad, pretentious douche. Also, wannabe Spartakus, bring some facts to the next argument that you want to shoot your little mouth off in.

  5. I wanted to be Spartakus February 18, 2015

    Well Wunderkid, First of all I would advise you to drop ad hominem arguments and name calling if you want this discussion to continue.
    Second – yes I think it’s not ok to push around those weaker than you. Only person defending it, would be the one benefiting from it. I guess we all know which country are you from, eh Yank?
    You mention foreign aid – to whom it went? Let’s check who got the most: #1 Israel, #2 Afghanistan, #3 Egypt, #4 Pakistan #5 Iraq. What a coincidence – it looks like all of these countries are close allies of US.
    Next thing I’m not a fan of Russia, China etc. Not a fan of dictatorships. However I am not also
    fan of military-industrial complex that seems to be rulling good ol’ USA. Don’t get me started on oligarchy in the US.
    Also I don’t believe in need of global police man guarding “stability”. Only those that conform to the vision of stability profit. Everyone else gets the club.
    Finallly ISIS – I could quote sources confirming, you could contradict with those denying. That’s the wonderful world of plausible deniability. Still – US needed additional pressure against Assad in Syria so why not use those pesky muslim fanatics? And it’s not like US has no history of selling weapons to it’s technical enemies – Iran–Contra affair to quote one of the recent.

    • @ Spartakus
      You never said what country you were from, pusspuss. And great work deducing that I was a “Yank,” you must be ever so clever.
      No one said it was ok to push around those who were weaker. Reread my posts if you need to, but if you are still unclear then I will tell you that it is possible to advance your own interests without pushing around others. Though in your world, you may not have understood this principle, hence the confusion.
      As for foreign aid, you list 5 countries and erroneously claim that they are close allies of the US. Ah, yes, do tell me how these countries have been supporting the US. See, you clearly missed my earlier point of what it is that the hegemon does. Look where those countries are located and where many of the worlds major insurgencies are occurring. You don’t need me to connect the dots or explain the destabilizing effect of unchecked insurgencies, do you?
      Fourth, I don’t care who you are a fan of, but you really think that the “military-industrial complex” rules the US? Does the illuminati also hold tremendous power in your global fantasy? Your first post genuinely seemed like you believed what you were saying, despite how misguided and devoid of facts it was. Now you sound like Alex Jones or a troll at best…
      Fifth, the US is not a “global police man.” Please Google the UN since you are still confused. Also, if “everyone else gets the club” then why hasn’t the US invaded more countries? If we are as imperialist as your assertions hint, then why doesn’t the US invade Mexico? It would be way simpler than dealing with these wankers in the middle east, plus it would eliminate the drug lords, solve border issues, etc. So there’s your first homework assignment, answer that question if you can.
      Sixth, I must compliment your ability to dodge the responsibility of having to provide sources for your assertions! If only I could employ such spineless and weaselly maneuvers! You should run for political office, I bet you’d be good at it! Because deep down, even you know that the US didn’t sell weapons to ISIS.
      What you have failed to understand about the Syrian Civil War is that the United States has supported the Free Syrian Army (actually one of the more moderate groups, not “pesky muslim fanatics”). What you need to understand is that this conflict is a proxy war reminiscent of those found in the Cold War. Do some research and look at who supports the other side, simpleton.
      Finally, you idiotically cited the Iran-Contra affair, not realizing that the weapons were supplied to free 7 hostages. Do you… do you not understand that they were just selling weapons like it was some circle jerk? Careful opening more than one can of worms at a time, you can barely handle this argument here!
      If you really wanted to understand the politics of the middle east, you should read about “Taqiya.” In fact, read about it and then tell me this: As a non-muslim, can you really have muslim allies as a global ally? Then you might understand the flip-flopping of the many muslim groups that live on Earth’s sandy butt hole.
      In fact, if you want me to respect your intellectual abilities, stop acting like a little troll and give me reasoned answers to the 2 questions I asked you. Keep up if you can.

  6. I wanted to be Spartakus February 19, 2015

    Hello Wunderkid. I see you once again managed to offend me personally. Thus I officially tire of this discussion. I’m not going to change your opinion about US and neiher will you mine. I hope in the future you will learn how to discuss political issues without sounding like a offensive/condescending person. Good day.

    • Awesome. You have official conceded the argument, despite playing the “offended” card. Never once did you engage any of my arguments or queries. Also, you were pretty condescending yourself, so playing that card doesn’t work, “eh Yank?”
      Global politics is not as simple as you want it to be. In fact, for your own personal growth, I highly suggest that you actually look up the 2 topics/questions from my last post. The world is much more complicated than, “the US is a global policeman.” If it were that easy, a simple withdrawal of US forces would result in global peace. However, as the rise of ISIS clearly demonstrates, Obama failed to ensure that Nouri al-Maliki (Iraqi Prime Minister) included the Sunni minorities in the political decision making process.
      Sure, as the hegemon, we could have forced him to make the right move but again, we’re not the world police. Which is funny because it is very often that other countries ask for US intervention when they are threatened by their neighbors.
      Everyone wants the benefits that the US provides (global stability, enforcement of the rule of law, secure global trade, etc.), but they also want to bitch about our “intervention.” You can’t have it both ways…

  7. PastaFarrakhan February 21, 2015

    Ha ha ha ha… LOL! The comic is funny but the self righteous bravado is hilarious… WOW. thanks for the history and civics lessons…and the real lesson of little man of psychology. You’re a ****** scream. Maybe someone needs to get a goddamn life rather than pontificating about geopolitics on a comic website. Don’t bother with a snappy comeback. I won’t be reading further. Your opinion means nothing. But thanks for the laughs.

  8. Cullengirl2000 September 23, 2015

    all of u are righting such long things and i just wantto say that i dont get it

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