Real Monsters Are Much Harder To Catch


The day that Scooby and the gang investigate The Clinton Foundation.


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  1. The Old Man on the Mountain Alamut December 17, 2018

    What’s the point? They can get an Uber and still do it.

  2. One would think that investigating a couple for 25 years would turn up at least a jaywalking incident. But it turned up nothing that could be prosecuted. Face it, you’ve been hecking bamboozled.

    • Ghost of Vincent W. Foster and Seth Rich December 18, 2018

      It helps to have friends in high places… and low places

    • The Trump foundation was accused by the attorney general, Barbara Underwood, of “functioning as little more than a checkbook to serve Mr. Trump’s business and political interests,” and of engaging in “a shocking pattern of illegality”.

      Now remind me of what the Clinton foundation was indicted for???

    • Now remind me, when was the Clinton foundation indicted?

  3. Clintons had nothing to do with that. Looks like the work of a bunch of Yellow Vests.

    • And as we all know the yellow vests are another strategy of Putin to destabilize the west. Why do they have no command structure? Because they are under the control of several russian agent provocateurs.

  4. This is weird. The xmas album covers made more sense than this picture…

    Clinkin’ Clinton. Gonald Donald. Toback Barack. Florge George.

    I can make no sense too. One fact remains:

    Cats > Political Jokes > Crooked Doges

    – CatMan

    • Loose the Dogs of War December 18, 2018

      Relax and sit down CatGuy. You seldom make any sense of any of the pictures.

    • That’s actually true. Valuable insight. Maybe it’s time to take a break. Educate myself…

      Then I’ll return to see if it’s me, that needed to change or if it’s Eatliver – and the world – that is batsh1t crazy

      – CatMan

      PS ♪♫ ♫♪ I can see clearly now, the rain is gone ♪♫ ♫♪ Cats > Dogs.

  5. Counter Troll December 18, 2018

    Russian troll propaganda post.

  6. trump was forced to shut his fraud foundation down

  7. Someone’s foundation just got shut down for illegal activities, and it wasn’t Clinton’s. Just sayin’…

  8. Hey! Hillary’s wrongdoing has been reported by ALL of Putin’s troll farms.

  9. @FakeHillary, your wrongdoing is that you have been duped by a con man.

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