The Beard Code


15 thoughts on “The Beard Code”

  1. Brought to you by ISIS, the Taliban, and other beard-lovers everywhere.

  2. **** off hipsters, thinking a beard makes a man, a genius or whatever.

  3. It is “résumé”, not “resume”. Just sayin’.

  4. “If your father doesn’t have a beard you have two mothers” – The Beards

  5. Beards are for hipsters, rednecks and bums

  6. Real men have a beard! …and a goat

  7. Says Zeus while stroking his magnificent white beard.

  8. Don’t forget about me!

  9. Nah.
    Hipsters go for mustaches.
    (And I think this is coming from someone who can’t grow a beard.)

  10. Looks like you can’t grow a beard.

  11. Beard wins it all!

  12. You are all fine men, your bare chins and thick luscious long beards alike turn me on, but please skip the chemical shaving cream. I can smell it for hours and it’s gross and it scares me.

  13. My beard is older than my cars, my child, my house and my marriage. My wife loves it. It has seen 6 presidents in office.

  14. It onlt revived, very calcullated and created, to not shock streetvieuw and media from the uprise of the beard by extremist muslims ans islam! It’s a sick idea of unshure people hiding from themselves, you don’t grow a brain all of a sudden, or god doesn’t fall down in you’re fake ego because you have facial hair, it’s a leftover from evolution that says, that we have a long way ahead and still as stupid as before! Morons!

  15. Pfft. Don’t be a dumbass, you ignorant ape.

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