That Awkward Moment When…

28 thoughts on “That Awkward Moment When…”

  1. I was drunk.

  2. Whoa whoa new layout here.


  4. Come with me, please.

  5. do they not have any friends to tell them they look HORRIBLY DISGUSTING? its a sad disorder

  6. Don’t make fun

  7. Peanut allergy is a serious thing. Don’t laugh at those two… ermm… things…

  8. Time to buy stock in a lipstick company.

  9. Wtf.. why would anyone choose to look like they had a bad experience with their lips and a oreck vacuum.. just not right

  10. I gotta get a lid for that aquarium

  11. I’m having difficulty trying to figure out which picture is more disturbing…

  12. look on the bright side – chances are those lips can form a tight seal around … say…. a garden hose and suck a golf ball through ;)

  13. These Lips makes me look like Angelina Jolie!

  14. I believe you.

  15. Well, at least they found a good place to get rid of the fat from their a##!

  16. I wouldn’t say the look ‘better’. But I would say they more closely resemble humans.

  17. Hm… not only they are extremely ugly, they are surely severely idiotic as well.

  18. Oh the joys of botulism

  19. wow not wrong the wayne brothers make better women than they do

  20. real easy to baby sit– wet their lips and stick ’em to the wall….

  21. Can’t get that drunk.

  22. They look like two nice Jewish girls

  23. The top picture is more frightening, believe me. White Chicks was a pretty bad motion picture in my opinion (crass humor, slapstick comedy, etc.) but at least they are wearing a lot of makeup, prosthetics, and masks. Better then having THAT stuck on your face forever.

  24. Wasted a lot of money there.

  25. Right ones grabbing the left one by the puss y.

  26. Definitely from Jersey…I’d say right off of exit dumbass

  27. Useless creatures

  28. Level 80 douchebags.

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