Thank God for the Mosquitoes!




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  1. God sucks – just like mosquitoes…

  2. Did God make also the stupid people?

    • BrazilGotRekt July 17, 2014

      of course yes, who else would worship him? Also, he made them to his image, so… yeah

    • @BrazilGotRekt
      Neah – you didnt get it: God threw the intelligence at us in a wave of quantum probability. It’s the observer who chose to collapse the wave at different levels of stupidity.
      The same goes for mosquitoes. God offered them in all possible states, but one evil ****** ****** chose to collapse the wave into an eigenstate of wicked fiendishness.

  3. Daddy Warbucks July 17, 2014

    I just realized that Lil’ Orphan Annie is God’s daughter. No wonder she always survived.

  4. me luv yummy mo-skeet-o

  5. Atheist Freedom Fighter July 17, 2014

    I always knew the not existing god is a jerk.

  6. Malaria is very likely the #1 cause of human deaths throughout history. Long before war malaria was killing people. Long before humans invented gods, malaria was killing people. Malaria may have even been killing dinosaurs, long before humans ever existed to invent God.

    • Yes, but thanks to mosquitos stuck in amber we have the DNA to bring the dinosaurs back, so they will actually save them in the long run.

    • Unfortunatly not. DNA is too fragmented or destroyed

    • God's Holy Trousers November 16, 2014

      Are you saying “Jurassic Park” wasn’t a documentary? Damn, I was going to take my kids there! By the way, did your sense of humor bypass surgery hurt?

  7. I do not know if there is a god or not (nor do I pretend to), but I do know that the Judeo-Christian god of the Bible is an impossible contradiction that only fools can believe in.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter July 19, 2014

      Blasphemy. You shall be punished in a very brutal and payfull way for the glory of the one god to experience his warmth and love.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter July 19, 2014

      I meant painfull. But, well, you should pay for it too. God needs money.

    • AFF can't spell July 21, 2014

      *painful* But Jesus loves you anyway.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter July 22, 2014

      English isn’t my native language as I grew up in a free country.

  8. Anonymous June 20, 2022

    Viruses… Malaria….?

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