Are You Smarter Than 82% of Americans? Find Out!

24 thoughts on “Are You Smarter Than 82% of Americans? Find Out!”

  1. u’ve been rickrolled

  2. Never going to give you up….. Shit, me too….. Rick rolled badly…. (I may need to hurt you…or not….)

  3. not sure if opposite of me is You

  4. “me” does not have an opposite word. That would be something imagined, like anti-me , i.e. your dublicate living in a parallel universe, that is exactly opposite to yours.

  5. I never want to give up soft serve ice cream cones, either.
    That and having a good trolling once in a while . . . .

  6. Seldom driving for grab us above. Doesn’t make sense

  7. Well, Rick isn’t gonna give up on that either.

  8. I got “Satan is our Lord”

  9. 100% of Americans don’t give a shit

  10. Try eating more fibre…..

  11. You will soon star in the reality show about the children of the devil!

  12. Too bad the author is so stupid they don’t know how to write a capital N correctly.

  13. “Never staying to give you up”
    … I don’t get it.

  14. That is not an ice cream cone . . . it is a CFL light bulb . . .

  15. I’m so old that I just had to explain what “Rickrolling” is to my coworkers. But, this is a classic, my congrats to the author.

  16. I just bought the cassette with the song, also got the Achy Breaky Heart tape, the cashier was having nostalgia

  17. I guess I needed to know what rickrolling meant.

  18. …you missed the joke.

  19. Never going to give you up

  20. Touché!

  21. Was the 8-track out of stock?

  22. Comment…hahahaha

  23. mmmmmmh!!!

  24. Never going to give you up

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