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  1. Or to an American church, school, kindergarten and everywhere else you guys over the pond let some (!) of your gun owners go on shooting sprees.

    • So much hate in your heart. Merry Christmas to you, and a happy new year!

    • Ahmed will drive large truck down your busy sidewalk, no gun required. Yurps, please don’t start another world war, two is enough. America will close down army bases and bring their soldiers home, now Europe can protect itself and spend their own money for defense.

    • No, Hein, I have no time for hatred. Christmas is over, but a happy new year to you , too, many thanks.

    • Merica, yes, there are some terrorist attacks happening even in Europe. It truly is a bad thing, but the chances to get shot by some dude losing his marbles in the US are much higher than being victim of a terrorist attack in Europe. It is even more likely to get killed in a car accident, for instance.

      Can’t wait for your soldiers to go home. Thanks for helping to defeat Hitler, though.

      If we can in return stop financing American military adventures, we still will be better of.

  2. Is this armor good for stabbing, trucks and explosion? How many points against each type of damage?
    Should we install instead the “godmode” mod before going? Sounds more safe.

  3. intl nationalist December 28, 2017

    So nice to see Europeans and Muricans fighting over who dies with less style.
    But, in the spirit of this conversation, the odds of being killed by a terrorist compared to being killed by a “freedom loving gun owner” are orders of magnitude lower.
    Go Europe!

    • What’s style?
      The upright American will give the guy with the sniper a good fight with its own gun?

    • The odds of getting killed by terrorist in USA are low not because terrorism isn’t dangerous, but because the country protects itself.
      The odds of getting killed by terrorists in Europe is increasing because libs there think protecting against terrorism is not as important as being PC.

    • Oh Hein, you are wrong on so many levels. Where do you get your information from? At times your posts are quite embarrassing.

    • If I explain to you, your brain would melt.

    • “country protects itself”. This is gold.
      How does unfriending friends and making more enemies overseas protect one’s country? From outside your Fox-bubble it looks more like the US is running over the edge of the flat earth singing hymns and waving flags.

  4. Went to Christmas Markets. Didn’t wear protection. Still alive. Just another fake meme.

    • Because dead people would never be here to tell otherwise.

    • Me too! Think there were exactly zero casualties during Christmas markets this year, although some boneheads thought it was a good idea attacking a Syrian working in one of the stalls somewhere in Germany.

    • I died his Xmas going to the market

    • The far right waited desperatly for another christmas market attack. But it didn’t came. So sad. Too many refugees enjoyed christmas markets the way they are and had fun. I guess that’s one more reason to hate refugees.

    • Viva la France December 30, 2017

      People are being shot by terrorists at Charlie Hebdo. Two French police ride up on bicycles but they have no guns. French police get back on bicycles and ride away. Later, French people put down flowers and light candles. Then, moment of silence. So much success!

    • Don’t challenge libs with facts and logic. They get nervous and scream to the sky.

    • Charlie Hebdo shooting was covert CIA operation.

  5. Sargent Major December 28, 2017

    All Convenant must die.

  6. I sincerely think the authors of this site put this kind of content just to enjoy people commenting below.

    From my point of view, if America stopped their commy-obsessed/enemy-obsessed/whatever-obsessed crusade 50 years ago, there would probably be no terror around the world. But it’s just a thought.
    For what concerns me, I am glad I live in Europe instead of a “free” country ruled by an inflated scarecrow who doesn’t even know what politics means. Also, I am glad I don’t live in a country where kids can buy guns. But you know, I am just a hysterical lib.

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