People Who Had Horrible Christmas

21 thoughts on “People Who Had Horrible Christmas”

  1. So sad. Just kill yourselves, stupid ****s. That would be the greatest present to the whole world. True story.

  2. Exactly. They should spend a month out in the cold; it might bring them some gratitude. Might.

  3. This would be the last xmas I would ever celebrate with any of these ungrateful wretches.

  4. Nothing ABSOLUTELY nothing will make these people happy.

  5. soon they will join an Antifa rally because of all this “injustice”

  6. I notice a lot of the request from this bunch of asses run on iOS. There seems to be a relation there.

  7. good.All deserved, apparently.

  8. So, Christmas is about presents. Interesting. The nuns in Kindergarden told us that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ. Seems to be a long time ago.

    These messages above? Remind me of this movie:

  9. Here in Europe they would join the far right and claim that the refugees get everything and they get nothing. If they haven’t joined yet anyway and set some refugee shelters on fire.

  10. Long time ago? How about 2,017 years ago (give or take). I’m thinking the nuns were right.

  11. Nah. Well, the birth of Jesus Christ might have been 2,017 years ago, but showering the kids with presents is relatively new. Expectations are on the rise as well.

  12. Thank you again KaufBuch for your moral guidance, kind judgement and balanced opinion. How could the world and this website go without you in this times of crisis. You truly are the light of the world!

  13. Apparently a car or an iphone would. Only the high-end models of course, but still…

  14. Handily concocted by the Romans, some 1700 years ago.
    In human terms, a long time ago.
    In galactic terms, a second ago.

  15. Wow! TomotmA sure knows how to be a (3rd rate) jerk! Is that enough “light,” sweetie?!

  16. The way the kids act is the real reason I don’t like Christmas…Lets get back to taching the real reason for the season..

  17. Any of those were my elatives or children, they would NEVER get any presents again; and that includes birthdays.

  18. And THIS is why we can’t stand your generation. A bunch of ungrateful little Assholes.

  19. Obnoxious ***hats who totally justify abortion.

  20. How truly depressing. The entitlement mentality of some people is truly astounding. By receiving an unwanted gift, you’re no worse off than you were before. Just be grateful someone cared enough to get you something. It is not within most families budgets to dole out cars and $1000 Iphones. If these children are our future, it is a bleak one, indeed.

  21. And we can’t stand your generation because you melted the ice caps, wrecked the housing market, ensured there would never be enough jobs to go around, and quadrupled college tuition.

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