Absolutely Horrendous Tattoos That People Actually Got



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  1. Actually I am glad they did it. Those are like flashing lights saying “Warning, this person is not entirely fit for breeding”. More people should be marked liked that, let’s make it a new trend

  2. These people deserve these tattoos, like America deserves Trump

    • If all the people that has Tattoo’s would of voted for Trump, Trump would of won by at least 75%

    • Most of them with such qality tattoos actually did for sure.

    • @Roy:
      Yeah, “Tattoo’s”. Because then they “would of”. Yeah.

    • Prevention is the Cure August 9, 2017

      Nobody deserves Trump, not even Mrs Trump…… I’m getting Marty to take the DeLorean back to 1945 to make sure Trump’s father has a condom when he needs one….

    • OMG! You gotta be kidding me! Is your hate of Trump really so deep that you need to bring it here? Must really suck to be you.

    • America is proud to have such a wonderful President! God Bless Trump!

  3. Which one is Kauf?

  4. Мастерский дебатор August 6, 2017

    What they think we see: skull, rose, flower, gun, tiger, another skull, star, tribal shape, yet another skull
    What we actually see: tattoo, tattoo, shitty tattoo, tattoo, dumb tattoo, overused tattoo, tattoo, look at me and be impressed at how badass I am, tattoo

    • Stevie Boy April 8, 2018

      Yeah, that is kinda the idea of the post. Stupid people (usually Yanks) with stoopid tattoos.

      But hey, thanks for the explanation.

  5. The only good news is that the stars on the face is henna, so a couple of weeks regerts, max.

    • Brutus Pipsius August 7, 2017

      No, this is a real tattoo. Probably it was Belgium. The girl sued the tattoer (tattoist? tattoo guy?) and claimed that she asked for one star only, but during the process she fell asleep, and the guy made all the other stars without her permission. LOL

  6. Phil LoGrande August 7, 2017

    all tRump supporters!

  7. 50 cents None are Trump supporters

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