Jennifer Aniston: 10 Years Challenge


Ten years challenge: Jennifer Aniston.


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  1. Hm,… whatever.

    • Brandon Cleo Ian Faggety Mc Faggety Face January 21, 2019

      Transitioning can be a painful psychologically stressful time. Your insensitive remark is depreciated. Where do you live so we can protest in front of your house.

    • I live in a basement with my boyfriend. You might know him. His name is Haha. But I’m a secret. His republican friends mustn’t know.

    • @Faggety Face
      Your comment is diminished by your poor use of “depreciated”.

      Haha is funny.

  2. Jennifer Aniston is still hot no matter what anonymouse thinks.

    • And so is Iggy! I saw him recently on stage, he’s got more energy than most twentysomethings. He’s turning 72 in April…

    • I said nothing against Jennifer. Just against the meme.

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