Why Stupid People Shouldn’t Get Tattoos

41 thoughts on “Why Stupid People Shouldn’t Get Tattoos”

  1. Too bad tattoos don’t come with spell check.

  2. I think “What don’t kill you’ll make you more strong” is technically (and shockingly) correct. you’ll can also be ‘you will,’ though it’s a little cumbersome and grammatically challenged.

  3. “IN the begining W.A.S. the WORD” is so frickin’ stupid in so many ways.

  4. What don’t is so stilted it throws the rest of the phrase off, completely negating the ‘you will’. If it had said “what doesn’t kill you’ll make you more strong”, there might be more ground to stand on (it would still be wrong, but less so).

  5. more strong should be stronger

  6. Me fail English?
    That’s unpossible!

  7. While “you’ll” in this context might be technically correct and grammatically challenging_ “more strong” is definitely grammatically… challenged.

  8. you’ll mean you will, as in you will do something…. what the sentence should be is “what doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger” the comma in between you and will means something completely different than you’ll. example… your mom might have said ” You’ll go to school and like it!” but if your girlfriend was crying you wouldn’t want to say ” if i hug you’ll that make you better? ( if i hug you, will that make you better)”… see what the comma does

  9. And “doesn’t” and “stronger” are also cumbersome and grammatically challenged?

  10. I think, that the problem with that sentence is that it should say “doesn’t” instead of “don’t”.

  11. those are not stoopid people (save that getting a tatoo is by essence stoopid)
    it should be:
    “why you souldn’t go to an illiterate tatoo artist”

  12. Maybe the problem is the tattoo artists’ english skills.

  13. I thought the same, but “don’t” is “do not” abbreviated, as in “I don’t go to school”. Whereas “doesn’t” would be the short form of “does not” as in “Beer drinking doesn’t give me a hangover”.

  14. Your just the wrong.

  15. I have a feeling these people “regert everything”

  16. I can has cheezburger

  17. MORONS on parade.

  18. “Your my only hope” – your what?

  19. Yep, the “what don’t kill you” one is from Metallica- Broken Beat Scarred. Also, the tat on the wrist is Metallica’s logo.

  20. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. That should be the proper grammar my friend.

  21. Don’t lie, they regert nothing because they are so exreme.

  22. Tatoo artist’s are superiour in englisch.

  23. Except that you always get a preview in non-permanent ink before they make it permanent.

  24. Cat’s would never do this, we are much more smart than to defile our bodies with this crap.

  25. Lolololololololol

  26. WTH?

  27. You people must listen to ***** music, if you’re confused. The tat quotes the lyrics from a Metallica song, which obviously/intentionally diverge from Nietzsche’s original. Hence the Metallica Death Magnetic logo also in the tattoo.
    Also, if they could spell, they wouldn’t be stuck working as non-artistic tattoo artists, eh?

  28. What is a cat’s would?

  29. I didn see nohing like thees when I got my tato.

  30. What don’t kill ya, make ya more strong. It’s a metallica lyric.

  31. What doesn’t kill you may well leave you with a life-long disability.

  32. “What do not” ?
    That’s not correct at all.

  33. Great comment me, keep it up.

  34. An incident that leaves you a brain damaged quadriplegic, unable to tie a shoe lace or spell your own name, isn’t really making you much stronger. Really stupid saying and even stupider as a tattoo.

  35. Strong…stronger…strongest. not more strong.

  36. they’re lyrics from a metallica song.

  37. It should be STRONGER. ^^ lol.

  38. If it’s spelled wrong that’s the artist’s fault and they should offer to fix it free of charge, imho.

  39. Or you’re just prejudiced.

  40. don’t you have to be stupid in the first place to get a tattoo?

  41. eehhh, not really. You allways get a preview in non permanent ink before making it permanent, so it’s actually the client’s own fault. And in many cases the client also brin their own design, and you can’t blame that on the artist..

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