Really Stupid Tattoos



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  1. Lolfosor May 4, 2014

    I guess the first one and the last one both belong to the same duckfaced girl.

  2. What’s wrong with “Death Before Dishouner”?

    • Anonymous May 4, 2014

      Dishouner? Are you serious, or are you trolling? Try *dishonor*.

    • Spelling Nazi May 4, 2014

      Its spelled either Dishonor or Dishonour depending on what country you live in.

    • There is nothing wrong with honor… but houner not so good

    • I think they meant “Dishwasher”.

    • Tastentier May 5, 2014

      Because that’s not how you spell dishwasher.

    • Dishwasher May 6, 2014

      Hey, what’s wrong with being the dishwasher? Those dishes don’t wash themselves, you know.

    • Anonymous May 8, 2014


    • Clever Grrl May 25, 2014

      Death before Dinosaur

    • U.S.Marine June 3, 2014

      1. Dishonor is misspelled.
      2. Lettering is REALLY crappy.

  3. Fantaman May 4, 2014

    “Man no one wants to hire me. **** society for not accepting what a massive idiot I am”

    • Getting a tattoo does not make you an idiot.

    • @bryn
      Agreed. You have to be an idiot first and only after that you go and get the tattoo.

    • Fantaman May 5, 2014

      @bryn : Sorry but if you get glasses tattoo’d on your eyes and a full neck, might as well get “I’ll live on welfare” on the cheek

    • People can do what they want with their bodies.
      I think your achievements should speak before your tattoos.

    • @bryn
      Unfortunately, your tattoo is going to be noticed way before your achievements will. Employers, most of the gainful ones anyway, are going to pass over Checkerboard Face or Hipster-Glasses Tard for more professional looking folk. That’s the way life works, kiddo… welcome to the Real World.

  4. People scare me… I think I will stay inside.

  5. Anonymous May 4, 2014

    Beware the checker face

  6. Can someone explain about the GRIM tattoo?

    • Kilgore Trout May 5, 2014

      It looks as if it was made by a visually and mentally impaired five-year-old. That classifies it as a tattoo fail. Anything else you want me to explain?

    • “Grim” means “ugly” in some languages. Fits well I guess.

  7. Getting a tattoo might not make you an idiot, but it doesn’t raise IQ levels either.

  8. Some of these, nay, the vast majority of these look like do-it-yourselfers. Don’t. Just… don’t.
    And no, getting a tattoo does not make you an idiot. Getting a ridiculously STUPID tattoo while you may, or may not have been, (verdict’s still out, but signs point to: probably) drunk in a ridiculously STUPID place, i.e. face, DOES in fact, make you a bona fide dumbass.

  9. I may not agree with with tattoos. But will however defend people’s right to have them. The roses are red one is actually quite good

  10. The random poem one was actually pretty good, it made me laugh. the others just made me sorta… cringe.

  11. Anonymous May 19, 2014

    Got my tattoo, middle of the day, sober, and no other influences. A nice dragon. On my upper arm. Never regretted… But these people here…. Sad… I always thought… how will it look in 30-40 years…. These people need to think that.

  12. Its freedom of expression however bizzare

  13. As if life isn’t difficult enough….

  14. ALL tattoos are stupid! And so is the person getting one!

  15. I actually like the poem one

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