Synchronised Swimming Is So Majestic!



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  1. I think most of them are dudes.

  2. The old man in the mountain July 8, 2016

    I will never be able to go swimming again – they are like evil mermaids. Help!

  3. PatronasKitty7 July 8, 2016

    The nose plugs make them even worse…

  4. Bubba and Joe Bob July 8, 2016

    Round our parts folks do a lot of synchronised swimmin’. We try to synchronise our bathing and swimmin’ at the same time. Folks down stream ain’t real happy cause of all the sudz.

  5. Cats > Reposts of synchronized swimming. Did you try my advice regarding cat feces? Ask your local cat. Contact me if you want a cos- or cisplaying cat at your next wedding/birthday/funeral/kittycat holiday party. ^o^ Meow!

  6. That makeup has got to be expensive. They might just be using marine paint.

  7. They should also invent some water-proof hair.

  8. The last one is actually a nice little Picasso.

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