Terrifying New Swimsuit Fashion Trend

Not even your vacation is safe from Trump with the rising popularity of this disturbing swimsuit collection that has been taking the internet by storm…

10 thoughts on “Terrifying New Swimsuit Fashion Trend”

  1. Crazy americans.

  2. Attn. sexist pigs: Where are the men’s versions? No board shorts, Speedo™ style only.

  3. Some of the examples, maybe all of the examples are very disturbing.

  4. so… when you say ‘look at me in the eyes….’

  5. Disgusting.
    There’s pineapple on the pizza.

  6. This post is a complete fraud. This is not a new fashion trend, nor will it be. It’s bad Photoshop on just a couple of pics. Take a look at the girls. They are in the exact same two pictures with Photoshopped suits that don’t and won’t exist..
    Fake… fake… fake…

  7. Follow the link at the top of the page Einstein. They are already for sale.
    You truly have a dizzying intellect!

  8. Only FOUR slices?!

  9. this is not sexism as man can buy and wear these swimsuits…

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