The Future of Sweden



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  1. Isn’t this the present Sweden?

  2. New Swedish chef says burka burka burka

  3. Swedens Emperor March 16, 2017

    This is in fact very accurate.

  4. What happened in Sweden?
    Still nothing? Sad. No incidents, true story. Total losers.

  5. Sorry to break this to you: those immigrants will likely be offended anyway.

  6. Readers: eatliver, what happened to you?
    eatliver: I started posting xenophobic shit from your racist uncle’s Facebook feed.
    Readers: That’s not funny.
    eatliver: I know.

    • Is “refugee” a race? How about entering a country and raping the natives, rioting and burning stuff that doesn’t belong to you, as well as terror attacks like driving large trucks into crowds of peaceful people, or shooting up a nightclub full of people partying? Isn’t that a crime like racism or something? Or is it racism to notice such things and comment about them?

    • Sven VasDeferens March 17, 2017

      Edgy stuff gets on Eatliver gets posted on social media so Great Uncle Sylvester.can by a $400 spinny top, and aunt Betsy can by a an edgy tee shirt from a lady with a big bust. It’s the American way.

    • Uncle Isis March 18, 2017

      As-Salamu ‘alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu dear Josh and the other eager disciples!
      On behalf of our movement may I express my deepest thank and respect for your eager supporting our cause by pretending that muslim immigrants in general are a danger to your countries and thus create an atmosphere of mistrust and hate towards muslims and immigrants in general. Our work in infiltrating peaceful refugees to stir hate and mistrust against them, in order to avoid what we fear most, a peaceful solidarity within all normal citizens, would be totally in vain if it wasn’t for your constant and zealous support. Keep up the bad work, we just cannot succeed without your support! Alhamdulillah and Mashallah!

    • The Good German March 19, 2017

      Racism is wider defined today. It’s not neccessarily about a “race”.
      The terrorist attacks you are speaking of are not defined by racism but by religious nutjobbery. But it’s possible that hate by faith is meanwhile also defined as racism.

  7. Mr Pabst Blue Ribbon. March 17, 2017

    How is the Swedish Bikini team going to get work dressed in burka’s?

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