Survival of the Fittest?

11 thoughts on “Survival of the Fittest?”

  1. Moo! *keepdapartyrockon*

  2. Um, yeah…don’t quit your day job.

  3. The best survival strategy of any living thing is to provide the apex predator(in this case the bald monkeys) with something that they like to consume.

  4. Yeah, flesh for example.

  5. Or marijuana flowers.

  6. That’s why we ruin this planet. Human f…ed evolution up. Well done.

  7. just like the nation-state, humans hate competition and tend to eliminate it.

  8. Survival of the Fattest! Or have a look at the Panda. To lazy to have sex but so cute that the humans do it for them.

  9. “Fittest” doesn’t mean “strongest.” It means “most able to fit in.” And since burgers and steak are most able to fit in my mouth, humans make sure that cows thrive. Mmmmm

  10. I had a philosophy professor who mapped out the likely survival trajectories of various species (mainly cockroaches vs humans vs smaller mammals, etc.) and, projecting that cockroaches were the best equipped for long term success, concluded that “Intelligence is not very sound evolutionary strategy.” This thread seems to be a confirming instance of that hypothesis.

  11. @EUro So you’re saying evolution is a fatalistic system? It will eventually create a species that will destroy it.
    Hmm, interesting.

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