Don’t Laugh, It’s a Serious Medical Condition


I wonder how much it would cost in USA to fix this without insurance... Probably around $60,000 at least.


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  1. NHS Secretary November 14, 2021

    I thought Martin Landau was dead, but he would like Nigerian nurses too if he wasn’t dead.

    • I know them British. November 14, 2021

      My guess is he wouldn’t care. The British are not eaten up by racism as the Americans. They also abolished slavery long before the US did. USA are just a few centuries behind. In culture and society.

  2. Really.. like the enslavement of the Irish. The opium wars with China. The British were monsters when they were on top. Do people even read history anymore. Sad.

  3. You whiners give me the the royal shits, just because the British became a
    admired, and beloved world power your jealous behaviour is troublesome.
    If it were not for us you bloody frogs would be speaking German today, and
    the Irish would still be potato farmers.

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