CNN Is Fake News!

21 thoughts on “CNN Is Fake News!”

  1. You got to stick to your guns.

  2. And Sessions prayed against the apocalypse. *lol*

  3. Just…….stupid.

  4. That sums it up perfectly.

  5. CNN should tell him not to retreat

  6. Naughty.

  7. Is that lady Maggie Lake still on CNN? She was fit as!

  8. Even without eclipse glasses the sunlight coming through the trees formed crescent shaped arcs of light on the ground under trees.

  9. Generally speaking, trees don’t need eclipse glasses because trees don’t have eyes. Go figure.

  10. Take away;
    A beautiful Slav have more sense than a Scotsman?
    Heck anyone has more sense than a Scotsman, they paint them selves blue call them selves Pic and do wicked things.

  11. Scottish people whinge about how evil the English are but they are more than happy to accept the English taxpayer giving them free medicine, university education and care for the elderly.

  12. That’s what Scottish people pay their taxes for. And this condescending and patronizing attitude is what the Scottish people don’t like about some English.

  13. Sorry Old Man on the Mountain… you are wrong. Yes, of course Scottish people pay tax but they also receive a huge percentage of English Taxpayer money to pay for their prescriptions, university fees etc. Unfortunately the English have to pay for their own prescriptions and university education AND Scottish ones as well. Fact. Sorry if you think stating facts is condescending. If I told you the Earth was round which is also a fact, would that be patronising as well?

  14. Puahaha… Owned.
    Have been to Scotland. Beautiful country, nice people, definitly not fond of the English, but too tolerant to give a **** about them.

  15. Whoa there you round earther. The earth is flat proven by the most recent eclipse. Check it out on YouTube. Proof is all over the “Tube.” Remeber the old saying, “If it’s on the interwebz, it’s true!” (tongue-in-cheek, comment)

  16. Your argument is flawed – you are comparing geological facts with social prejudices. Here is one for you – the British taxpayers (and therefore the Scottish) are paying huge amounts of money to the London public transport. Why? London is not in Scotland!

  17. The English destroyed the Scottish industry during the Thatcher era and left them with a high rate of unemployment. Now an English toad blames the Scots for recieving more than paying into the social insurance cash-box. Hillarious. Stupid like Brexit.

  18. American Ghaddafi needs more onrange in his face. Will more sun help?

  19. Europe needs more immigrants. I hear throwing acid is all the rage now.

  20. That acid is only half as dangerous than your burning hate of ignorance.

  21. wtf is “DIECTLY”?!

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