Poor Melania



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  1. This is a difficult choice. If I laugh I’m a misogynist for calling her a gold digger but if I don’t laugh I’m a Right Wing fascist moron pseudo-alpha males (always ******** with an inflated sense of their own importance.

    • She was already wealthy when she met Donald, so she’s not really a gold digger. She was a famous model for Vogue, Harpers and GQ. She is also fluent in five languages.

    • Maybe you are just both….

  2. Kauf Buch – you are disgusting. There is no place for such racist views in a decent society.

    • UO, oooohhhh…”RAAAACIST!”
      You mis-spelled your hyper-spastic, ultra-├╝ber-sensitive, irrational ignorance.
      Chewbaca is an imaginary, science-fiction character…but that’s somehow “racist”?!?
      (…not to mention, TOTALLY LAUGHABLE!)

    • You’re R2D2phobic!!!1!! eleventy!!!
      (THAT’S Leftist “tolerance” for ya!!!)

    • @UO You can’t argue with a hate bot. Kauf Buch’s existence is fake news.

    • Leftists’ handles may change, but ya can’t change their ways, or their cliches.

  3. I realise now that Kauf Buch is just a silly, immature wind-up merchant. Can’t debate things intelligently so resorts to ‘shouting’ and insults – just like a normal brainless thug. Sad really.

  4. I apologise. I had a bad childhood. I don’t know why I make these awful comments. I’m working with my therapist so I hope to be a nicer person quite soon. xx

  5. Kauf Buch! March 17, 2017

    THAT DOES IT!!! I’ve HAD it with the FAKE POSTS made by LEFTIST ATHEISTS!!! A god-fearing American should NOT have to endure this TRAVESTY!!! I promise to HOLD MY BREATH until Eatliver removes the FAKE posts!!! I REALLY mean it!!! I’m holding my breathhhhhhhhhhhh

    • The Good German March 18, 2017

      You are fake, Kauf Buch. A fake user. So sad. Total loser.

  6. EOE misogynist March 17, 2017

    I feel like a sammich.

    If Moochel or the babe that speaks 5 languages wants to get it for me, don’t care. Just get it.

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