Twitter Users Sharing What They Think Everyone Should Accomplish by Age 35



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  1. Been on Linux since 2001. Drivers are generally not an issue anymore.

  2. MSCS Dweeb Bob May 26, 2018

    After 18 I left my parents house and wondered aimlessly going to university and acquiring BS and Masters degrees in CS and stowing away the massive excesses into my 401k while living in my unfurnished apartment complete with a mattress on the floor. I met my wife in my 30’s who fixed all that and proceeded to push out babies who needed stuff. This is not what I had envisioned.

  3. German guy May 26, 2018

    Hehe… “Schwanzgesicht”… Nice…

  4. By age 35 you should have a $1,500 collection of hand tools and shop machines that show virtually no signs of wear.

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